Andrew Yang: Iran Escalation ‘Heightens Urgency’ To Get Trump Out Office | NBC News NOW

Andrew Yang: Iran Escalation ‘Heightens Urgency’ To Get Trump Out Office | NBC News NOW

100 thoughts on “Andrew Yang: Iran Escalation ‘Heightens Urgency’ To Get Trump Out Office | NBC News NOW

  1. Georgia has started purging voters who have not voted in last 2 elections, and the federal judge has allowed this to happen. Georgia currently has 2 Rep senators and only need 100,000 votes to go their way to win again. Check if you intend to vote, that you are registered, or you'd be getting a rude shock in Nov 2020.

  2. American Patriots be strong !
    The followers of the serpent SATAAAAAANS !🐍 are out in the street.
    It all began in the House. This is the results coming from the Demonuts Congress and the Fake Corrupted MediAss CNN MSNBC ABC NBC CBS BBC PBS.
    They're responsible for all these chaos hatred damages and deaths within and aboard from day one to this moment.
    They're enjoying the love of Deadly Political Games 🐍👿👹👺
    America is in High Alert since day one to this moment resulted by the Demonuts Congress hatred, Corruptions and obstruction of law.
    America is in High Alert since day one to this moment but Demonuts Congress and the Fake Corrupted MediAss CNN MSNBC ABC NBC CBS BBC PBS just to name a few they choose to play the love of Deadly Political Games in America USA Territories Commonwealth Allies and All Innocent People.
    Demonuts Congress have gone complete totally Insane 🐍👿👹👺
    SATAAAAAAN ! using them knowing they're the weakest hearts and souls 🐍👿👹👺🔥
    As the saying goes….It should have been better if you weren't born. They the Demonuts Congress and the Fake Corrupted MediAss CNN MSNBC ABC NBC CBS BBC PBS to name a few.
    American Patriots Be Strong ! 👊❤️🦅🇺🇸🌈😍🤩

  3. Awesome diplomatic answer to the question about Joe Biden’s history of voting for Iraq war. Paraphrased, “Joe has done many positive things for the US, and he should be recognized for that, but he himself should also take accountability for actions that may have negatively impacted our country.” Praise and criticism. Carrots and sticks. No smear, no bash, no controversy or drama. Just matter of fact reasoning

  4. You asked a fraud for opinions on foreign policies? You asked a nobody questions about our national security? Why didn't you ask a homeless to advice you how to diversify your investment portfolios?

  5. I support Andrew. my impression is America likes to choose war over diplomacy.
    I m anti war.
    MATH.Iranians are heavy weight lifters….

  6. The current government is so behind. If someone else is elected, we’re going to keep senselessly fighting and playing catch up. Yang can lead us to solving the problems of TODAY.

  7. why is amy klobuchar qualified for the next debate and yang isn't. The internet knows that yang is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY more popular than amy. There is no amy gang! This is how you know the DNC is corrupt . They pick and choose winners

  8. I'm 52 and broke. YANG is the only candidate who would significantly improve the quality of my life with his Freedom Dividend. Unfortunately, most Americans are racist and/or stupid, so I'm not getting my hopes up.

  9. In your DREAMS small eyes. You are NOT even close to RACE this with TRUMP we are ASIAN that support president TRUMP 2020 cheers 🍻 “”TRUMP will be TRIUMPH in 2020 “”

  10. Tired of hearing about ppl talking about inflation talking point. NEWS ANCHORS WHO MAKE MILLIONS DON'T WANT US TO HAVE MONEY!!!! JUST SAY IT!

  11. You're never gonna be PRESIDENT yang so quit sucking up. PRESIDENT TRUMP is doing a better job than you or your commie dem buddies could do. No, go fix me my kung pao.

  12. if Andrew Yang wants communism so badly, why can't he just simply return to his native China rather than trying to impose it on us?

  13. Why doesn't the news mention that this terrorist killed an American contractor and killed 1500 Iranian protestors recently. And you think this was a big mistake? If I was that American contractor, my family and friends would want him assassinated! He got what he deserved!

  14. America needs Yang, or any one of several others (not Biden). Due to the EC, we'll be getting Trump and all the ruin, shame, and fascism that goes along with that. 1 8 2020.

  15. Most of the people I know that like this guy is just because they want his free 1000$.
    Basicaly this guy is buying your vote. I wouldn't trust such a person.

  16. Shut the F up He just got ready of the most evil man in Iran right now that Has the blood of many American soldiers and even His own people 🤨do your research, this buster been around since the 80s go trump 2020

  17. Doesn’t matter who they get voted as a future president running this country cuz this country will still be targeted as the creator of the World War 3 and debated against other counties and people in the near future. With that being said, at the end of the day China will take over all power of economy politic and finance so Andrew Yang is the one that can make this country better and changed!!!lol

  18. The question was raised that UBI for every adult would invariably lead to inflatiron. Wrong! At Thanksgiving and Christmas time stores all know that everybody has extra money and is ready to spend. What do they do? They compete to offer discounts to lure more customers and definitely not raising prizes. The questioners need to think harder on UBI effects.

  19. Bernie supporters should be aware that Sanders talks past tense and employs yesterday and today, not tomorrow as he bashes billionaires for earning money, wants us to work federal government jobs if impoverished, and is in deeply in the political loop driving absolutely no independent or right side voters to swing for him in the election. I'm honest when I say Yang is the ONLY one to win against Trump like it or not PERIOD!

  20. Yang is the only viable candidate for the Democrats in the running against Trump. He is intelligent and down to earth with practical solutions and positive humanity outlooks in his policies. People don't know him, but once they heard him talk, they all changed their mind to vote for him. He's got more percentage of Trump's supporters than any other Democrat candidate. One thing not a lot of people know is when in high school, he was in the US National Debate team that went all the way to London, England for the debate championship. Get him on that stage, he will deliver a victory.

  21. Okay everybody, I thought Yang/Tulsi would be great, then someone was like hey, Yang/Bernie… But the real deal somebody else throws out is YANG/OBAMA!! Maybe Tulsi Secretary of State or something. I mean, is there anything that says Andrew Yang couldn't run with Obama as VP??????

  22. Want to learn More on Andrew Yang?

    ​ (campaign website) (common questions) (various clips of debates and interviews) (how to afford UBI)​​

    Andrew Yang M.A.T.H

    Not left, not right, FORWARD!

  23. I think that Democrats WILL unite behind the eventual nominee, but that is not the issue. The concern is that crossover voters and Independents may not. Yang is the only one appealing to many of those individuals.

  24. Everyone I know, including my republican friends, think Yang has the best ideas, policies, and has the best implementation plans, by far. If everyone who says he's polling low but actually likes him would get behind him instead, he would easily win.

  25. He does not have the it factor to run for president at all in its age and lack of governmental inexperiences and the total misconception about the middle east.

  26. Look at the map of Europe after WW2 — and the map of the world — and tell me who really was tthe big winner of that conflict. NO Americans before the war wanted it. But after the war, despite worldwide communist take over as an immediate and permanent result, and hundreds of millions of murders of innocent people, starting with Christians, and despite the ever worsening moral collapse of our country since the war until we are no longer recogizable anymore as a free and loving country, still we are pumped night and day with propaganda of what a moral thing we did, though all the real history by now has been destroyed, written over by shoddy soviet lies, and any rational inquiry of what happened has been outlawed. Why is our own history beiing destroyed while the gospel of hating our founding people because of their perceived skin color replaced the gospel of the love of Jesus Christ? How has our country come to be ruled by a foreign enemy through what should be illegal bribe money in the guise of "lobbying" and an illegal foreign institution that makes slaves of every single one of us, called the "federal" reserve? We must turn to Jesus Christ, pursue peace, return to caring about family, have as many children as possible, lead moral lives of honesty and self-control, throw out our propaganda and spying devices and go out and get to know and love our neighbors, building strong and trustworthy communities. We the people can decide to do all that. If we keep going in our current direction, soon being a Christian will be illegal and country will become the next to fall to exactly the same soviet regime that took over Russia in 1917. It wasn't pretty. But it can be.

  27. INVESTIGACION …..The convenience of the world to hear and evaluate the dissertation of the Iranian scientist Mr. Meran Keshe, to know what degree of VANGUARD TECHNOLOGY is the country of IRAN…. 310th Knowledge Seekers Workshop January 9th, 2020 …

  28. For those of you that think this guy is qualified..just listen to him. TRUMP is the greatest! he is going to landslide 2020 elections.


  30. He is exactly right re the FD having no effect on the costs of goods with a highly competitive aspect to it. Competitive forces will keep prices stable. Also the FD doesn’t not involve printing money so there is no effect on inflation due to monetary policy.

  31. Just watched Trumps campaign in Ohio, and he is literally a ranting lunatic, I felt physically ill listening to him, egoic unconsciousness at it's peak, god help America and the planet if he continues as POTUS! Andrew needs to win for the whole worlds sake…….just not sure how he will combat Trumps ranting, his name calling and kindergarten politics, he certainly knows how to rev up his followers.

  32. If he's not on the upcoming debate stage. He can flank it. He can tape a podcast in which he answers every question asked at the debate. Then post it online 2 hours after the live event. I'm a former political speechwriter in Canadian politics. This may be the best guy I've seen in 30 years.

  33. You’re All A Bunch Of LIARS! Either You People As A Bunch Of Sociopaths Or YOU DON’T SLEEP AT NIGHT! HOW Can You Trolls Live With Yourselves…Seriously…Not Being Sarcastic…WTF?!

  34. Andrew always gives you a straight answer. Other politicans will give you theories, analysis and then at the end you still have no idea where they stand. Probably they don't either.

  35. #yangmediashoutout Future POTUS baby… AI, technology, cyber security is the future of warfare. Andrew Yang is the perfect man for the position. #Humanityfirst

  36. Andrew Yang: Ligma is rapidly increasing threat, and if we don't start making policy to confront it there will be dire consequences.

    Donald Trump: What's Ligma.


  37. Holy Sheet. He's in Davenport?! Close to Cooperstown, NY–Baseball Hall of Fame although Davenport High School used to be all about soccer. Hopefully they're still strong cause they kicked my team's butt 1 of 3.

  38. Yang is a smart, talented, and likable guy and I actually like him and his idealism, but his plan to have
    the Government give out $1,000.00 per month to every US citizen over the age of 18 as a universal basic income/freedom dividend is massively underfunded.  Even after cancelling all the other programs
    combined (welfare, food stamps, unemployment, SDI, etc.) it would still fall short annually after more and more people come on the program rolls due to age and longevity.   At $1K per month to say approximately 200 million people (probably more though) it would add up to $2,400,000,000,000 ($2.4 trillion dollars annually).  And that is just based on approximately 200 million people receiving funds.  Even if
    the funds are collected in the form of a VAT tax, sales tax, federal income tax, state income tax, financial transactions tax, wealth tax, carbon tax, or other confiscation tax/levy, it is hard money paid by someone and given to others.  This will be yet another unsustainable program since most all Government programs are currently underfunded, running deficits of $1-2 trillion dollars annually, especially if you factor in all the off-the-books accountings of public pensions, social security, and medicare that are trillions underfunded.  Even people 62 and older who have worked 20-40 years paying into Social Security get $1100-$3,500 (lower/upper approx. range), and it is fundamentally bankrupt now. There is not enough tax revenues in the USA to cover this freedom dividend expenditure, let alone fund all the other underfunded programs like public pensions, public medical pensions (for life) that exist at all levels of government (federal, state, county, and city), etc. Perhaps we can have people on a Government work program so there is a trade of labor capital for work
    building the infrastructure?  Anyway people, I wish Yang the best, but we need people who can produce economic ideas based in reality of what our country is facing and not from la-la land fairy tales and pop culture math.  IMHO.

  39. Of course nobody wants war with any country, but then what do you do when you have a radicalized Islamic terror promoting Iranian commander in the middle east going around planning and executing terror around the world? If the CIA has a lead to take out someone planning terror on the civilized world, a president has to act in the moment of real time and not through a committee of Democrats. IMHO.

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