Andrew Yang Explains His Healthcare Plan | All In | MSNBC

Andrew Yang Explains His Healthcare Plan | All In | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Andrew Yang Explains His Healthcare Plan | All In | MSNBC

  1. Andrew Yang is right. You don't have to go full-blown Venezuela. UBI is good enough as a first step to address inequality.. even though, as he clearly stated, it's not his only policy!

    This is why he is a better candidate than Bernie. Andrew Yang knows the dangers of socialism, but is still willing to fight the evils of capitalism.

  2. MSNBC is so bias. Their behavior pushed many Americans to Trump's camp. MSNBC is why we have Donald Trump in the WH today.

  3. All these "Yang can't win" comments are gonna age real bad a couple months from now. When caucus time comes, the most viral, most motivated, most passionate and most well-informed group will come out on top. Then we'll be laughing, but not out of pettiness, but out of the joy of changing our country for the better.

  4. Hi I'm from TN where oh most everyone is Trump supporters I was told about Yang by an Ex Trump Supporter that will be Voting Yang in 2020 or Trump if Yang don't make it through the Primaries. When you have people that voted Trump saying hey I'm switching to democrat because of this guy you sit up and pay attention. Yang2020 !!!!

  5. Andrew, one other way to "have some skin in the game" is to have waiting lines at hospitals and emergency clinics. It keeps the mild cough crowd away if they know they are going to sit there for an hour or two. But if it is serious, the "triage" nurses whisk you to where you need to go fast. Works for Canada, our health care is cheaper than yours – imagine that!

  6. i was hopping chris hayes will ask Andrew Yang details about his economic policies like ubi and value added tax. how will it implement and who would be affected ….etc.

  7. It’s sad when you come to MSNBC to look for Andrew Yang MSNBC Full interview but only find clip here and there and have to go to a different channel to look for the full interview.
    If MSNBC just release the FULL interview and QUICKER, it would have more views. other channels releasing MSNBC contents faster than the content created make no sense

  8. Americans are embarassed by Goblins like Chris Hayes. No idea where he learned to be a journalist. This is why the rest of the world laughs at MSNBC and FOX because they both aren't real news networks. They are sellouts and manipulate the elections on the backs of american citizens. Russia is not our problem, MSNBC is. I'd rather watch fox at this point which says something about the stuck up quality of MSNBC. They have become hostile over the years to the point where they ruin the reputation of the democratic party. They just don't recognize it themselves yet. But soon they will be going down as this behaviour is only a temporary fix to their dwindling numbers.

  9. MSNBC, you disrespected your viewers. Now I hope you eat crow, and where I used to watch your content and be entertained by the ads shown, now I will ONLY watch Youtube or read articles on YANG. I actually appreciated some of Maddow's episodes, like Session's political history, McConnell's Russo/Chinese connections… Now, play to my biases. Earn back this viewership. I hope Chris Hayes gets so mad at my calm, cool presidential candidate that his hair melts. My political freedoms is of greater import than your entertainment. Shame on you.

  10. I really like Yang. He’s looking ahead, facing the future. He’s also a math genius. If he doesn’t make nominee for president I sure hope he gets a high cabinet position. He would calculate a better outcome. We need brainiacs- Not dirty old men like T.

  11. It's a good idea but in the USA trump basically has a regime with a massive group of followers and at least Andrew is trying to help Medicare instead of trump who is trying to deal with Mexicans who should be given houses

  12. It’s unfortunate that Yang (and Warren) ever used the term “Medicare for All”. The use of the term was smart by Sanders to help “normalize” (make less scary sounding) it, but the government banning private insurance resulting in 160 Americans being FORCIBLY switched from their private insurance to the new M4All plan (with projected $30 trillion-plus price tag) has been/still is electoral kryptonite) due to “loss aversion”. Warren realizes this and has opted now for 2-3 year transition of public option and then Congressional vote on banning private insurance. Yang has opted essentially for Medicare for those who want it and assumes that most will eventually switch out of choice—assuming that the public plan will out compete the private sector. But the nuances of Warren and Yang could easily get “lost” during a bruising election—especially with Trump lying about it.

  13. Healthcare for all … where we pay through our taxes together. Right now the amount of "taxes" paid to make private healthcare possible is vast ~ and our taxes already pay for the healthcare for federal and state workers, including military. We pay into Medicare already, all workers. We are ALREADY paying the taxes that would cover so called "Medicare For All." We simply need to implement the system to bring the costs down by almost half.

    Perhaps our core task is to find how to shift the administrative workers in the healthcare industry over to newly formulated jobs and administrative infrastructure; from the chaos and waste and inefficiency that now exists. All of the medical personal are needed ~ in fact we need to expand the medical workforce.

  14. Were you trying to be a jerk? If so you accomplished this. Not to mention the mocking that went on after the interview. Gosh I hate what MSNBC has become. I used to be a big fan.

  15. News is info-tainment , it happened w. Reagan when he abolished the Fairness Doctrine ( google it ) . News should be fair , equitable & balanced. In the age of information we are bombarded- you have to do your own research on a topic, use your intuition & then do some MATH 🧢 . Yang explained it best, were getting our news from different sources and can’t even agree on facts anymore . Yang Gang ! 🧢🇺🇸🧢🇺🇸

  16. Andrew Yang has my vote. Getting control of an out of control healthcare system is the first step. Once again…he's on top of it.
    This doctor that deals with healthcare knows:
    Bernie best be glad we weren't on single payer…he may not have survived:

  17. MSNBC you are lucky to have Andrew Yang (our Next President) on your network. MSNBC I do not support your network. A
    Your network continues to leave Andrew Yang out of the discussion. Your networks days are numbered, televised networks are not the future and you are not needed.

  18. Andrew Yang’s position on healthcare is clear. He is absolutely committed to medicare for all, but unlike other candidates he is straightforward enough to tell you that goal is nowhere in sight until we take some basic cost control steps.

  19. Yang is correct about the response of some workers to the choice between benefits that they have spent years to obtain and government provided benefits, which may or may not be as good. I was exposed to this same problem when retirees were first offered Medicare in addition to their company retirement medical plan. The problem came when they were expected to pay additional amounts for Parts A & B. I had a lot of people asking me how they could get out of Medicare. Although I appreciate Yang's more flexible approach, I disagree with the concept of "skin in the game". Medical care delivered on a timely basis without regard to "saving up enough money to pay for the copay" on an MRI or an office visit is ultimately less expensive for the entire system. Diseases caught at an earlier stage of development can usually be handled more quickly and with less invasive methods. This National Health Care Plan is an issue that America should have addressed 50 years ago. Now that all of the other capitalist countries already have working plans, we can easily look and see what works for them. The Congress will ultimately design any plan that we end up with. Our new President can help to steer, but the details are worked out in Congress.

  20. I feel bad for yang and bernie because they do not deserve to have a part of their fan base be so utterly obnoxious and hatefilled. Bernie would win if he would tell his nutters to act decent. Since he wont it reflects poorly on him. Same for yang who encourages it more than bernie.

  21. Private & public options should be available. That being said, if I'm on a private option, I should not be taxed for the public option either. The public option should just be made available for those who want to sign up.

    For a number of reasons, particularly religious freedom, certain medical procedures and contraceptives are simply not something all Americans want to be paying for others to have. I'm not religious, and I respect that.

    People who want to eliminate private companies are typically more interested in destroying capitalism outright, rather than reign in the healthcare market to more reasonable prices.

    As a consumer, I can agree with the Dem Socialists that prices are too high, still not interested in erasing capitalism because of it. Nor do I want the federal government having everyone's data on personal health issues, particularly psychological health. That's dangerous information for the White House to have.

    Let the government prove itself first before assuming it knows better and can do better. Having the federal government compete with private insurance can only lead to better coverage.

  22. The United States National Health Care Act or Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act is a bill first introduced in the United States House of Representatives by former Representative John Conyers (D-MI) in 2003, with 25 cosponsors.

  23. Chris you are confused because you are not smart enough and was paid to say so to mislead the audience, so audience are hearing confusion to Andrews policy, Andrews policy is loud and clear and you have to be very very dumb to not getting it!? It’s much more superior than other candidates plans!!!!!

  24. I wish Andrew Yang would simply call it "Single Payer Option with low deductibles and other cost reducing measures" to start out … then, if people are satisfied, they will start dropping (or reducing coverage) from their private plans.

  25. This why Yang is not a good candidate. He wants to are time for private insurance companies to undermine Medicare for all. They will offer plans that seem competitive while introducing complexities and prior authorization for covered medical procedures. The goal, of course will be too undermine M4A.

  26. Yang is pretty darn clear here: Public option and going toward universal coverage but without the large scale disruptions proposed by Bernie's single-provider for all proposal.

  27. Seems like MSNBC asked Andrew Yang on the show, just so they could trip him up, but he's too smart for that. Also, there is nothing to criticize him about. Instead, Chris Hayes comes out looking misinformed and confused; obviously not doing his research. What is really underhanded is when they could not make Andrew look bad in the interview, they had to bring these two talking heads to try and smear Yang. MSNBC did not upload this part of the clip. One of the heads, some white haired old guy, said that he thought those people standing behind Yang were his only black supporters. I bet he knows by now how stupid that sounds!

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  29. I'd donate all my $$ to get Andrew Yang to be my president if I live in the US. You'd get back more than your $$ back from the $12K/yr for the rest of your life. America you got one shot, don't lose.

  30. He could've call it universal healthcare, yang care , care for all, come on!! . Medicare for all was prop up by Bernie so alot of people are gonna think it's the same. That skin in the game will rig the public option to fail .


    support our president!

  32. Truth is, Yang doesn't really have any coherent Policies and he has no relevant experience in Government whatsoever… If the three leading candidates all dropped dead he would still be odds on to get about 3 % of the vote…

  33. andrew is lying. he is not for medicare for all. he is supposed to be a decent man with honest plans. this is such a blatant lie. he can say medicare public option and ubi instead of lying to people by saying medicare for all

  34. I really like Yang, but I do think he needs to make a clearer stance on health care. While I think MSNBC has been absolutely shameful in their coverage of Yang, the health care questions from Chris Hayes seem valid to me.

  35. I support the spirit of access to phase in eventual support for Andrew Yang (;-) (;-) Yang: charlatan/liar, thinks we're stupid. Save U.S. from another minute of health insurance extortionists! #MedicareForAll #GoBoldOrGoHome

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