Andrew Yang Called Out For Horrendous Healthcare Plan

Andrew Yang Called Out For Horrendous Healthcare Plan

Over the weekend. Democratic presidential
candidate, Andrew Yang, went on ABC news where he was asked about his healthcare plan and
unfortunately for Andrew Yang it did not go the way that gang thought it would. Here it
is [but um, again I’m confused. Your ad is explicit. Your ad says Medicare for all your
plan is not Medicare for all. It’s not even Medicare for some because in your plan there’s,
there’s not even a public option. Our plan is to expand a universal healthcare system
to all Americans. Medicare for all is not the name of a bill. Medicare for all is universal
healthcare for all Americans but Medicare for all is Medicare for all. Right? I mean
well our, our health care plan would be would be based on Medicare and expanding it over
time to more and more Americans. You lower the eligibility age and then you make it widely
accessible. Okay. I I didn’t, I didn’t see that in in your plan.] Now to immediately
correct something that Andrew Yang said their Medicare for all is not the name of the bill.
Actually it is the Medicare for all act of 2019 that is the name of the bill Yang. It’s
right there. That’s easy to look up so you’re totally wrong about that and you’re also wrong
about calling your plan Medicare for all and I’m very glad that you got called out on it
because your plan, which I just spent 30 minutes going through your entire website, nowhere
in your plan does it call for Medicare for all, does it call for a public option or does
it call for universal healthcare, yet your saying right there on TV that you in fact
do support some kind of eventual Medicare for all, let’s work there. But again, because
the yang people always say go to his website. So I went through his website folks, I read
every effing word of it and it’s not there. It’s not. Here are a couple things that are
there though. This is directly copied and pasted from Andrew Yang’s own website. We
are having the wrong conversation on healthcare. Instead of addressing the underlying problems
driving on affordability and access, we Democrats are spending all our time arguing over who
is the most zealous in wanting to cover Americans over who has wanted to do so longer over who
cares more about the health of Americans. We talk about how we’re going to pay for it,
but the reality is we’re already paying for it. We pay for it when we can’t switch jobs,
we pay for it when new jobs or temp or gig jobs that don’t provide healthcare, we pay
for it when all of our prices are higher. We pay for it when healthcare costs drive
us into bankruptcy. Now all of that part is true. He is absolutely correct about that
and I like that assessment of it and then it gets stupid. To be clear, I support the
spirit of Medicare for all and have since the first day of this campaign. I do believe
that swiftly reformatting 18% of our economy and eliminating private insurance for millions
of Americans is not a realistic strategy, so we need to provide a new way forward on
healthcare for all Americans. Interesting statement, Mr. Yang. The problem is, as this
goes on, as you link to your comprehensive healthcare plan on your website, nowhere,
nowhere on that website do you explain how to get there. Now you go on and on about talking
about the things that should be covered, mental health, and you’re right, HIV and AIDS, and
you’re right. You know, all of these things you’re right about, they should be covered.
And you’re right about, we’ve got to reduce the cost. You’re right and you don’t offer
one solution on how to get there. Not one. And that’s what pisses me off. You have co-opted
the title of Medicare for all because you, along with several other democratic candidates,
think that, Oh well I can just call it this thing. And I guess that’s what it is now.
Now listen, look, okay, I drive a Nissan. I can’t go around telling people that I drive
a Maserati. And then when they look at my car and say, no dude, that’s a Nissan. I say,
well, no, I, yeah, but I call it Maserati. It’s what I’ve named it. So you know, it’s
kind of the same thing. No, a Nissan’s a Nissan, just like Medicare for all is Medicare for
all. You don’t get to slap that label on the piece of crap policy that you’re pushing that
offers a lot of truths, but not a single solution.

25 thoughts on “Andrew Yang Called Out For Horrendous Healthcare Plan

  1. Every candidate has pros and cons to their platform. Instead of attacking each other we need to come together.. we’ll never beat trump this way.. #YangGang 🇺🇸

  2. Please stop advocating for this smear… Towards the the end of Yang's health care proposal there is indeed a clause about offering a public option for Medical for All (pulled from his website:
    As President, I will…

    Explore ways to reduce the burden of healthcare on employers, including by giving employees the option to enroll in Medicare for All instead of an employer-provided healthcare plan.

    ***But more importantly his entire plan focuses on the need to eradicate the corruption and lobbyists in Washington around healthcare and the insurance companies, and lowering the cost of medical care and prescription drugs. We can't just move swiftly toward a Medicare for All plan without addressing these two issues. Otherwise we will never pass the bill in the Senate and/or the cost of medical as it is will place a high cost burden on the Government and therefore our taxes will go way up. Andrew Yang is focused on addressing these root issues before we can move forward with Medicare for All. That doesn't mean he's against it.

  3. 91% people already have some healthcare. It is stupid to gut it out as Bernie's bill was designed. That is why Yang said he is for the spirit of it. Yang is for public option to cover those that are not covered. And He is for reducing the cost. Think harder.

  4. Still voting for Yang. Healthcare is important and i understand his plans not perfect, but with all his 150 plus policies and Bernie’s inability to get Republican support in the senate, I support Yang. I know he won’t win, but it would be against my own values and judgement not to support him.

  5. am i the only one who thinks 1k a month is worth more than m4a would offer for the middle class? my family spends over 800 a month on insurance. 1k would cover that and give us 200 extra to work with for every adult in my family. the only problem i see with 1k a month is that people with extreme health problems needs waaay more than 1k a month to pay for their medical bills. so in this instance, m4a is better.

    idk im down to hear some ideas from other people here. pls dont be rude like 99% of this comment section.

  6. Yang supporter here. This was hard to watch, but I agree. He shouldn't call his plan "Medicare for All" in his commercials. Its misleading. However, I'm not sold the M4A is the bast path to universal coverage. I like Yang's plan better.

  7. Bernie literally supports ending poverty via a UBI in 2017. Now it’s a bad idea, “people like to work.”

    Meanwhile we’re smearing a man for the semantics of universal healthcare.

  8. The term "Medicare for All" is not exclusively single payer. Think critically, Medicare for all means "all are covered one way or another"

  9. Look at this guy lol yangs position is fine and clear, it's clear you feel some type of way. Drink some water and cool down bud.

  10. If he’s really a liar, he can just say whatever you want to hear for now and changes his mind after he gets elected.

    He never said he supported single payer system and he has in the past mentioned something akin to public option. He was never given a chance to talk about it in the debate (media blackout). You guys never followed him and just assumed he meant single payer healthcare when he never said that. Since when Bernie has trademarked the term Medicare for all? You guys work for Patent and Trademark Office? I would have disapproved Bernie’s trademark application as his plan is nothing like current Medicare. Bernie decided to use “Medicare for All” even his plan is nothing like current Medicare because it sounds good for marketing purpose. Others want to use it too cos it sounds good, not because it means single payer system. And now you guys are the trademark judges?? Outside your Bernie bubble, “Medicare for All” just loosely means universal health care with everyone enrolled. It doesn’t have to be single payer system. Literally, Andrew’s plan is “Medicare for All Who Want It” and Bernie’s is “Single Payer Healthcare for All” if you want to be perfectly fair. Is it really so wrong to be a moderate these days? Instead of smearing a decent human being (where have you guys been doing when Andrew was trying to create jobs in struggling cities in the last 8 years? Did any of you financially donate anything to the poor?). It’s fine if all you want is Bernie’s plan. But demonizing someone with a plan you don’t agree with shows how intolerant you all are.

  11. But we have people who will vote for Yang instead of Bernie because fuck you.

    Honestly, Yang's schtick is UBI. Take that away and the bulk of people are left wondering who he is and why the hell he's still in the race.

  12. You don’t understand do you? The ubi is his main focus.. you need to think harder instead of bashing someone else with new idea!!!

  13. Who Gives a Fuck!…. it is a MOOT point…MED4ALL will never happen ….the DNC has picked and it is Biden … and Trump will win again…Yes bernie has lots of support and $$$$$$ … and he did in 2016 … it did not make a difference then… and it won't now…Establishment dems will not work with a declared socialist ….

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