Ana Kasparian on CNN Calling Out Warren’s Shady Attacks on Bernie Sanders

Ana Kasparian on CNN Calling Out Warren’s Shady Attacks on Bernie Sanders

>>There was a giant story that took up most
of the headlines yesterday involved Elizabeth Warren, accusing Bernie Sanders of telling
her that a woman cannot be elected as president. Now this was a private conversation that happened
between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in December of 2018, so over a year ago. And at first, the story was reported by CNN,
and there were no sources named. There were four anonymous sources. None of those individuals were in the room
as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren had that conversation. So, there was a lot of speculation about what
was going on and there was a lot of pressure toward Warren to just either confirm or deny
what CNN was reporting. Well she did finally put out a statement and
the statement infuriated me further. “I thought a woman could win, he disagreed. I have no interest in discussing this private
meeting any further because Bernie and I have far more in common than our differences on
punditry.” So she didn’t give any insight into the context
of the conversation. She, just made a vague statement. She didn’t quote him, she made a vague statement
about how he disagreed. So that doesn’t answer a lot of questions. In fact, that leaves us to question what happened
even further. And so, Cuomo invited me on his program and
I thank him for that because it’s not often that you see progressive voices in cable news. And I was on with Howard Dean. We’re not going to show you clips of Howard
Dean because honestly, he didn’t say anything interesting or controversial. I don’t mean that to insult him. It’s just there was nothing there was nothing
he said that was like, you know worth discussing further on the show.>>So he wasn’t like slamming Bernie.>>He wasn’t actually.>>Okay.>>He wasn’t, he wasn’t.>>Well, that’s important to know.>>Right so, but I do wanna show you a few
of the exchanges I had with Cuomo and mostly I wanna fill in the blanks, because these
segments are so short that I didn’t get a chance to make some of the points that I really
wanted to make. So let’s take a look. This entire situation is so incredibly disappointing
and also incredibly stupid. Because in shutting down the conversation
and saying that she refuses to talk about it any further, there are questions that need
to be asked. What was the context of the discussion? Was he talking about it in the context of
where the country is right now? And also I would love to see anyone in the
media hold Joe Biden accountable for literally saying the exact same thing publicly no criticism,
no backlash, none. And we also need to mention that Bernie Sanders
encouraged Elizabeth Warren to run back in 2016. And there are multiple videos of Bernie Sanders,
dating back to the 1980s, where he publicly spoke about how he believes a woman can can
win. And so all of this contextual information
is incredibly important to the conversation and unfortunately it’s being left out to paint
a particular candidate as some sort of sexist, when the facts just don’t bear that out.>>Well we don’t know what the facts are,
because Elizabeth Warren says->>We do though.>>But he said.>>We do, we have.>>We have evidence of, how do we know he
said it?>>No, she says. No, no, no, I don’t-
>>And in what context?>>No, I don’t, I don’t know anything. I’m saying Elizabeth Warren says he said it. So now, we’ve got something here.>>So, I, okay.>>Okay, yeah.>>I said my piece. I was glad I was given an opportunity to kinda
share->>You did a good job.>>All of the various example of who Bernie
Sanders is and what hes’ fought for. And look we didn’t even get into his record
when it comes to fighting for women. He was supportive of reproductive rights before
that was a popular position to take. He was supportive of the Violence Against
Women Act. In fact in an effort to get Bernie Sanders
to vote for Biden’s crime bill they purposely included the Violence Against Women Act in
the text to that legislation.>>Mm-hm.>>And so he felt passionately about it. He gave a very impassioned speech as a law
maker in support of the Violence Against Women Act, doing something about the fact that women
were facing just devastating domestic abuse. We didn’t get to all of that, but at least
I got an opportunity to share a few examples of who he his, and I’m grateful for that,
because you didn’t see that anywhere else.>>Yeah, look and I’m glad that you did that
and I would have the exact same impulse to do that. If we don’t have any evidence from the conversation,
and we don’t, other than they’re are obviously dueling characterizations of what was said. Then we need to look to what else do we know
about this person to help evaluate how likely it is that we think he said this thing which
seems, on it’s face, kinda crazy. We can’t imagine, I mean even if I didn’t
know the stuff going back to the 80s, I would say he’s not gonna sit down with the woman
who’s going to be facing him on the debate stage in six months and tell her, no, no,
none of you broads could ever. He’s not gonna say anything like that, that’s
crazy. But once you add the context, that’s important
too. And it’s not like the stuff from the 80s isn’t,
it doesn’t mean that he couldn’t say something like that. You’re not either a sexist or not a sexist
in the same way that you’re either a racist or not a racist. It is a whole bunch of different things about
you that exist on a spectrum. It’s a cloud of different things. You can be generally supportive of a group
but still believe something ignorant, or something like that. But it just doesn’t make any sense that he
would say that.>>If you’re-
>>And its really fascinating, one other thing.>>Go ahead, go ahead.>>And it makes a 100% sense that he would
criticize Trump in the same way that he’s been doing publicly every single day for literally
years. He would say, yeah, Trump is a misogynist
he’ll attack a female candidate. I’ve been saying that. You’ve been saying that. Literally everyone on every side of these
issues have been saying that same thing.>>Right I think that’s what the context of
the conversation was. Obviously there’s no way of knowing because
Warren has decided to shut the conversation.>>I know.>>Down at this point and that’s, look, this
leak came from her campaign. It’s very clear. I mean, even Nate Silver put that on blast-
>>Ryan Grim said that he asked her is this an intentional leak from your campaign and
she says no.>>She- No, it’s not an intentional leak. This is what I think happened. I think that there are two schools of thought
within her campaign. I think there’s the progressive school of
thought, well meaning people who wanna fight for the right things. But her campaign has been infiltrated with
these Obama era officials, some of whom I’ll talk about in a little bit. But I think that they went behind her back
and leaked this to CNN, because they saw that she was really struggling in the polls. I want to be clear, this is my speculation,
and my read on it, okay?>>That would be my hunch, too.>>I don’t think that she green-lit it, but
I don’t know. What I do know is she had an opportunity to
jump in and say Bernie Sanders is a good friend of mine. I do not believe he’s sexist. We had a conversation where we were discussing
the pros and cons of both of our candidacies. Because the fact, look it’s a fact, right? If you’re going to assess you’re electability,
your viability as a candidate, you’re gonna think about all the different ways you’re
gonna get attacked. And so with Bernie Sanders it’s gonna be the
socialist narrative, the socialist fear mongering, with Warren, yeah, I mean if you’re a woman,
we’ve never had a female president in the United States. Of course there’s sexism in the country. People have had frank conversations about
that. And I think it makes sense to then take a
conversation like that and try to spin it as you know evidence of Sanders supposed sexism
is just gross. And her statement left much to be desired
as someone who considers herself a friend of Bernie Sanders. And I wanna actually fast forward really quick
to what the campaign is now telling its supporters and its staffers, okay?>>Mm-hm.>>So there is a Twitter group where they
communicate with one another and BuzzFeed reported the following. Warren’s campaign is telling key online supporters
that their goal is de-escalation and warning backers not to accuse Bernie Sanders of sexism. So I’m gonna give you exact quotes from this
group from an Elizabeth Warren campaign official. I would be careful with the sexism angle when
it comes to the Bernie/Warren exchange individually- that’s not what this is about and I think
it’ll be really bad news for us if that becomes what this is about. This is about i.e., press asking her if she
thinks Bernie is sexist. The staffer told the group. Is that what this is about broadly absolutely,
I don’t know what that means. But no one here is actually claiming Bernie
himself is sexist regardless of your own personal beliefs on that topic. One other quote from this campaign official
“Claiming you are worried a woman can not win flagging that she will receive sexist
attacks is something many, many people feel.”>>Mh-hm.>>So they are trying to isolate it, but this
is the kind of I would, I would have much rather preferred Elizabeth Warren to include. I do not believe Bernie Sanders is sexist,
in her statement.>>She has that opportunity tonight, doesn’t
she?>>She does, she does and I hope that she
takes it. But with that said, there’s one other part
of this Cuomo appearance that I wanted to share with you and I wanted to actually get
your thoughts. This is a theory that I have, I’ve shared
it on this show before I got an opportunity to share it with Cuomo’s audience. I think the reason why she noticed a dip in
the polls, and if you just go back to the timing of all of this, it was after she put
out her transition plan for Medicare For All.>>Right.>>That transition plan made it abundantly
clear that she was not actually gonna push for Medicare For All. She was really gonna push for a public option. Then you see this dip in the poll. Right, now my problem with Elizabeth Warren
is that rather than acknowledging the flaw in her tactic there and changing course, she
has decided to bring up a conversation that she had with Bernie Sanders in December of
2018 when he notices a significant rise in the polls. Like, the American people aren’t stupid. They notice what’s going on, they notice that
she’s bringing this up at a time when her campaign is really struggling.>>Now listen.>>I think it’s a bad move on her point. I think she should focus on policy.>>I hear you.>>Yes.>>He hears you.>>He hears me. But then he went on to talk about how he thinks
that the Democratic candidates are focusing too much on policy. You know, on the granular level he kept saying
that and then he also talked about the electability of someone like Bernie because he refers to
himself as a socialist. Which is.>>Well there’s a million poles, general election
poles with him versus Trump. If you want evidence, that exists.>>I know. So that’s the point that I wanted to make
but the segment needed to end. And a long-time Bernie Sanders adviser, Jeff
Weaver, was on after me, so I’m totally fine with my segment ending so he can talk. But look, I wanna show the polling because
I think the polling backs up what my theory is. And if you look at the average, the real clear
politics average, and it’s important to look at averages, guys, because if you take any
one pole, and you use that one pole to have a theory of what’s going on, I don’t really
think it’s that accurate. You gotta look at an average of what’s happening. So you look at all the different poles. For the people watching right now, the brown
line is the Elizabeth Warren campaign. And for those of you listening in the podcast,
let me just note what happens. You see her surging up, up, up, up all the
way from to June to about October. October is when she spikes. That’s when she has really great debate performance
and she touted many of her progressive policies. But then in November, November 15th, to be
exact, that’s when she releases her healthcare transition plan. Which makes it clear that she’s not actually
gonna fight for Medicare for all. She’s gonna propose a public option. And, if she gets that passed, in her third
year, when she’s gonna ramp up for reelection she’s gonna then propose Medicare for all. That is when you see a significant dip, right? And so that’s the point that I was trying
to make on the show. Because they keep talking about, socialism
is scary, and Bernie is really gonna struggle when it comes to his electability. But when it comes to the policies, and so
many people in the media fail to realize this. His policies are popular with the base, they’re
popular with voters. And it’s not just voters on the left, it’s
popular with many Americans, even the small majority of Republicans, like Medicare for
all, when you poll them on it. And so I bring this all up because all of
these identity issues that the media keeps bringing up and harping on, don’t really resonate
with voters when they can jot feed their kids or when they are in the middle of financial
ruin because they can not pay their medical bills.

100 thoughts on “Ana Kasparian on CNN Calling Out Warren’s Shady Attacks on Bernie Sanders

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    (Asking for a friend.)

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  45. Ana, I always love your analysis, but I disagree that identity issues don't matter to people when they are working class. A couple of things are happening, in my interpretation:
    -us working class POC are unwilling to settle for candidates who use identity politics solely as their signature campaign messaging, without any real viable economic policies
    -Bernie Sanders' campaign has done a great job making the connections between race and class, which has made working class people buy in to the movement that he is creating.

    Identity politics is the weird "liberal boogeyman" that people like to pooh-pooh; while I identify as a progressive and use my class-based analysis when identifying favorable candidates, I do think that it is important for working class champion candidates to also consider the implications of race and class in their outreach to potential voters, as well as form policies that keep race and class as key factors. Working class folks of color have made clear that we need candidates that run campaigns that name race and class and that include substantive policies that will improve our lives; identity politics alone WILL NOT WIN over an electorate and NEITHER WILL REDUCTIVE class analysis.

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