American Nightmare: Guns & Racism, more accessible than Healthcare | Ayishat Akanbi

American Nightmare: Guns & Racism, more accessible than Healthcare | Ayishat Akanbi

A society where guns and racism
is more accessible than healthcare, is the height of moral depravity. You cannot afford to boast on being
the best nation on earth, when you have such ideas that are
seeped in a poverty of ethics. You can judge a nation by how important
health care and the basic necessities, that should be human rights,
how accessible they are. I think that’s how we judge a nation. If you can have more guns
than human beings, then you definitely can grant more
people access to healthcare. Because if not it just shows
where your priorities are, and why would your priorities be there?
Something is out of whack. You teach children from an early age subconsciously
that the way to maybe resolve conflicts, is through violence. You also terrify them and make them
live in a constant state of fear, which completely undermines the value
of the pursuit of happiness. I don’t know how anyone can pursue
happiness productively, whilst they’re always looking over their shoulder, going to school with bulletproof backpacks,
cautious of a mass shooting occurring. I don’t know how people can learn comfortably
in an environment like that. What that does to a child’s psyche and again
this is where I say it’s a developing nation. Because these are some of the very real threats
that people, in what Trump would call: “Shithole countries” have to think about. The problem is always beyond you,
the problem is always outside of you, it’s foreigners, it’s immigrants, it’s women. To look closer to home is harder because a lot of
nations run on the superiority complex, that they are the best on earth and a lot of our issues
are coming from right underneath our noses. I think that’s what happens in a case like
what we see happening in America, with the wall, with the ban on Muslims
and the attack on Muslims. It’s quite logical that if people
are feeling alienated, alienation and entitlement are
a dangerous concoction. So if people are feeling
alienated and entitled, and it it’s easier to get a gun than it is
to get your driving license perhaps, these things are inevitable: There is a major difference between
the right to bear arms, and the right to have weapons
of mass destruction. Who has to die? Who has to die for
gun reforms to happen? does it have to be someone in the
president’s immediate family? I don’t really know what it takes, I don’t… I often wish for an alien invasion where
aliens come and does to us: everything we’ve done to
each other and the world. I think it’s only then in that instance
where we realise that we can’t play God, and that we may need each other
more than we originally thought. I’m praying for that day but it
seems it won’t happen, because I don’t think there’s enough
intelligent life force here, to even attract them. Double Down News they don’t do adverts, they are not influenced by any corporate forces. do become a patron this is
a rarity these days. I’ve learned so much from the people
that they’ve interviewed. They’ve been kind enough to
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12 thoughts on “American Nightmare: Guns & Racism, more accessible than Healthcare | Ayishat Akanbi

  1. Guns make us free weirdo! they make us equal to the government! We don't have to live up to your standards! Go live in Europe or canada if you don't like America

  2. Caveman: Honey!!!, I think I heard a bear outside!! It'll be winter in 2 weeks; lets just stay in the cave till they hibernate to be safe.
    One Week Later
    Cavewomen: We cant live like this babe! Timmy needs to play! He cant spend his childhood hiding in a cave. The bears cant possible be out there! It's been a full week.
    They go outside and are attacked by a family of bears.
    Moral of the story; NEVER listen to a womens emotions when your logic says different! Men conquer and protect, women nurture! Don't listen to women who speak about a dangerous world they cant conquer or understand. They'll just make you easy prey for predators.

  3. Those clips of the children running "shooter" drills are terrifying. How do you look at that and think to yourself "yes, this is what I want".

  4. America, the land of the free and brave? Fuck that bullshit, america is a filthy mass murdering piece of shit … filthy war mongering european bastards in oversea, i like to say … and i'm ashamed of each "black american", who is proud to be a part of that inhuman shit, we all call america …

  5. …Not saying that I’m completely against gun reform but what is the honest solution for black people in America? 🤔. Get rid of guns COMPLETELY and trust in the American GOVERNMENT to protect us? 🤔🤨. ..because they’ve done a “Great job” with that thus far. 🤨

  6. I see a lot of legal semis in the beginning of the video. Then we go to clips of mass shootings when the culprits are using automatic illegal guns. Seems biased to me

  7. I know you're thinking rationally, but they don't. Pro NRA gun lovers are emotional creatures and thus easily manipulated

  8. Great input I’ve grown up in apart of the world where violence is common and it has become second nature to me, all logical of course I remain in full control when I perform and it’s hard to get me angry but I feel it’s necessary to whoop people to refreshen logic, also I’ve got a glocc 4gen and arm my self against any potential threats whether governmental and their pawns or deranged citizen. I know this should not be the way; violence is never the correct answer to an inquiry but it sometimes in my experience the solution of logically carried out. The world is bugged out.

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