All Of The Arguments AGAINST Medicare For All Are Stupid

All Of The Arguments AGAINST Medicare For All Are Stupid

So this past weekend I watched a video clip
on Twitter was Jank Ugyer speaking with a representative Tim Ryan, where Tim Ryan was
talking about what a bad idea medicare for all truly is. And one of the reasons he gave about this
being a bad idea was because unions in this country have fought really hard to get better
private healthcare insurance from their employers. Oftentimes according to Tim Ryan, sacrificing
wages in exchange for better healthcare. And if we were to switch to a medicare for
all plan, well I mean that would just negate all the hard work of those unions. All those wages that they had sacrificed would
be for not. and that’s probably the dumbest argument I have heard against Medicare for
all to date. And Trust me, there are some dumb arguments
out there against Medicare for all. But what Tim Ryan is saying here is essentially
the argument against forgiving student loan debt while I paid off my debt. This isn’t fair. Now, unions aren’t out there right now whining
like, but we fought hard for 30 years to get a fairly decent healthcare plan and now you
want to take that away and give us something better. No thanks. Yeah, that’s not actually happening with the
unions folks. They’re not reacting that way. But Tim Ryan wants us to think they are. Here’s the thing, and Tim Ryan’s own argument
actually shows this. He said they sacrificed wage increases in
order to get better insurance. Now imagine if those unions didn’t have to
fight for health insurance along with everything else they fight for. If we took something off their plate for them,
then suddenly when they go to their employers, they don’t have five things they have to fight
for. They only have four. There’s not five things their employers have
to pay for. There’s only four. So that frees up a little money. It frees up a little time for the unions as
well. Only having to focus on those four things. So instead of fighting for health insurance,
we got your back on that with Medicare for all you’re already covered. Don’t worry about it. Just like we’re seeing right now with GM stripping
healthcare away from their striking workers. They’re using that as an intimidation tactic
to get the workers to cave. Imagine if they didn’t have that bargaining
chip anymore because all those workers would be covered under medicare for all. Then the only thing GM would cave on would
be wages and other benefits, which are sorely needed by these workers, so that is why this
is one of the dumbest arguments against Medicare for all, but don’t get me wrong. They’re all dumb. They’re all absolutely dumb. Let me think about it. One of the biggest arguments out there, Republicans
running an ad on it right now are about wait times. All the wait times are horrible in other countries. Actually, they’re not. Study after study after study after study
has shown that wait times in other countries are essentially the same as they are in the
United States. Even when compared to countries that have
socialized medicine. There’s really no statistical difference whatsoever
and a little bit of anecdotal evidence that I can throw out for you right now. My Dad last November was told by his cardiologist
that he was going to have to have another bypass surgery. My parents left the cardiologist’s office
that day called the specialist or the surgeon, excuse me, uh, to go ahead and get the scheduled
cause doctor said, yeah, you need this done. Here’s the number, call it. The earliest they could get in for the surgeon
for this, a bypass surgery, April? And they called in November. So they had a good six month wait because
they were just backed up. And my parents have private insurance so that
wait time argument. Yeah, that’s pretty much garbage because it
happens even with private insurance. People love their insurance, their law, their
private health insurance. They love it. No, no they don’t. I mean I’ve seen a couple people on Twitter
say like, no, I love mine, but those are typically right-wing trolls who have no idea, probably
don’t even have to go to the doctor at all throughout the year, aren’t living on a prescription
medication every single day. So sure, if you don’t ever have to use it,
I’m sure private insurance is awesome. But as somebody who takes her prescription
medication every single day of their life and has kids that have to do the same private
insurance sucks. Not to mention the fact that polls show that
people are overwhelmingly more likely to support Medicare for all when they find out they can
keep their doctor just not their current insurance. They like that. And that’s the argument that people love their
doctors, but they don’t like their insurance. And somewhere along the lines, uh, opponents
of Medicare for all switch that to people love their insurance. Nobody loves their insurance. Stop making that stupid claim. And then of course we have the, it’ll raise
taxes argument, the dumbest of the dumb because yes, technically it will raise your taxes. And Elizabeth Warren really waffled on this
question recently because she wouldn’t admit like, oh yeah, it’ll raise your taxes. Yeah, it’ll raise your taxes, folks. It’s going to raise your taxes. But guess what? It’s going to reduce. So actually, excuse me, eliminate your private
health insurance payment. And so it’s going to reduce more money than
it raises your taxes by. So overall, you net more money. Great example here folks. If Medicare for all were to raise our taxes
by 10% 10% that’s a lot. It’s a big tax increase. Do you know what I pay a year with my employer
sponsored healthcare coverage. When you factor in my deductible, it’s 25%
of my income, 25% of my income, 12 and a half percent of every paycheck I get goes to health
insurance. And again factor in the deductible. Suddenly you’re at 25% of my pay. So if you raise my taxes 10% I’m saving that
15% so overall I bring home more money and I know that’s anecdotal cause that’s just
about me. But I can promise you that’s the situation
for everybody out there as well. Yes, it’ll raise our taxes but it’ll eliminate
all other healthcare calls. So we end up saving more money. And the bottom line is this. Every argument, every argument out there about
why Medicare for all won’t work is absolutely stupid and is being made by people who are
either afraid of change or have something to gain from keeping private insurance in
place the way it is now.

100 thoughts on “All Of The Arguments AGAINST Medicare For All Are Stupid

  1. I'm amazed at how much you muricans cheer on your own demise. It's like you love your corporate overlords and their bottom line more than yourselves and your health. ..😅

  2. You forgot one (the 1st one);




    Print this up…..PETITION FOR REDRESS<CENTER><p>Being that due-documents have been withheld/obstructed from Congress, IT IS, HEREBY, DEMANDED THAT THOSE DOCUMENTS (TO INCLUDE….<LIST>) BE PROVIDED, ASAP. FAIL/REFUSE NOT, UNDER PENALTY OF LAW [A1S7P1-3;USStatute-1/24/1857;etc.]


    Mail, fax, and email this to Mr. Trump ("White House Occupant", if you'd like), as well as the local grand jury, UNDER USStatute-1/24/1857, etc…

    NEGLIGENCE for the Office of Speaker (etc.) to do anything less, under these circumstances, potentially nullifying, in fact…


    Don't leave anything/any-details/cases out…they all have some of the needed warrants, compartmentalized…

    Thusly, with me, you'll have proven that the default-conviction-route was the proper/non-negligent pursuit..not the IMPEACHMENT VIA GRAND-JURY-PRRSENTMENTLESS/DEFAULTLESS CIVIL PROSECUTION IN THE HOUSE & BIFURCATED-SENATE ROUTE..It's only an"Impeachment-Indictment Equivalent",of Auto-ImpeachmentA2S4 Convictions (Made via Default or o-wise)..

  3. Employers will pay higher wages, instead of providing health care. They won't need to pay staff to facilitate health insurance.

  4. In Belgium, we have socialized medicine and I have no wait time at all. My wife had a hip replacement and it costed us about $70. I don't ever worry about getting sick ruining me fiscally. People opposing socialized medicine constantly point to the mess called the UK NHS. The NHS has been made a disaster by right-wing Tories who are hell bent on destroying the system so that they can privatize the whole thing and open it up to their donors.

  5. You would think that all corporations other than health insurance companies would be in support of M4A since it would offload such the huge expense of company-sponsored health insurance, but the reality is that they want you locked in and discourage you from quitting to seek better opportunities or starting your own business.

  6. Medicare for All feeds the Insurance Industry our tax money. How many people do you know who have a ding on their credit report (or bankruptcy) because an insurance company didn't pay the healthcare provider in a timely manner"?"

    Answer this: How do Insurance Companies make a profit off the premiums it collects?

  7. Read up on social democracy i Scandinavian countries… 👍👍
    Both the pro and con will give a good pic on what to think of medicare for all, strike priveliges etc 🤔

  8. Bernie saying that M4A will raise your taxes, is at least an honest thing to say. It's sucky, it's not fun. It is a bitter pill that you gotta swallow. But at LEAST the middle class actually pays their taxes, the wealthy would rather flee or die than ever actually have to pay a single goddamn cent more.

  9. Here in the UK we look at you in the USA and listen to your arguments against m4all and laugh!!!!! Please vote for Bernie!!!

  10. What pathetic reasons against Medicare for all. All of the politicians arguing against are just being paid by the insurance companies. Biden, too. I can’t believe how much money the insurance and pharma companies pay just to keep them running and ripping the public off.

  11. Not to mention all the administration costs that can get cut out for both the doctors and employers by switching to a Medicare for all system. How much time do doctors have to waste fighting with insurance companies to get paid? How much time do employers waste trying to find a decent healthcare plan that doesn't cost an obscene amount of money?

  12. For God's sake America, look at the successful Health Care in other countries, you are a Third World country when it comes to healthcare. You are being conned by the Rich. Do your research. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

  13. Fuck you and your free healthcare…why should the working peoples taxes go to the non working fat slugs smoking 2 packs a day?????

  14. Has he been on Medicare? I’ve been on it for 1&1/2 yrs now, I was on private insurance for 47 yrs……Medicare is better!! ❤️👍❤️👍❤️👍

  15. Thanks to Trump's bullshit tax breaks for the wealthy, I got bumped up into a higher tax bracket and lost my govt subsidies to help pay for health insurance. Now, nearly 50% of my income goes toward paying my premiums. Every member of the GOP who voted for this can ROT IN HELL!!!

  16. It's ok to bail out US billionaires for tens of trillions of dollars for being bad at business but it is to much to ask for the US to bail out the common man for literally anything? We can't have free healthcare or student loan bail outs but we can have tax cuts for billionaires and bailouts for billionaires. Just for the record, most billionaires get free healthcare from Obamacare.

  17. We could pay 50% in taxes to pay for medicaid for all and 95% of people would still net more money. Stop bailing out billionaires at the cost of your fellow man.

  18. Medicare for all will just let smoking, drinking, obese people cost hard-working, healthy people a LOT of money. Eat cheeseburgers all day, smoke and drink then pay for your own damn heart surgery and cancer treatments. I'm not paying for stupid decisions made by stupid people.

  19. Hell no! I have insurance through my union and it sucks! Wait times, crappy hospitals that are the only ones in network, no second opinions and they hardly cover any name brand meds. Not to mention they cover less and less after every contract negotiation. I hate my insurance! I need medicare for all!

  20. 2:40 at least when I watch conservative channels they segment sited facts that can be researched. You just lie and lie and lie bro. Also if your dad didnt like the wait time due to his medicare, then why doesnt he call all the other surgeons that dont just take Medicare??? You sound like a thoughtless lefty that spouts hatred with no arguable facts….. site facts oh wait you cant cuz there are none.

    How come Medicare for all never worked anywhere else then? The difference between private and public healthcare is if your dying and you need an MRI asap and your in Canada the fact is your gonna have to leave the country because your next appointment is in 9 months and since the government is in control of healthcare. That's your only option.

    Now here in america if you were to be fall the same situation but your in America, you now have the option to pick up your phone and set up an appointment with a private specialists as everyone else does and make an appointment.

    It's called freedom we don't have kings and queens on our currency because were the country that didnt kneel to royalty. We fought a tyrannical government off and wrote the ever lasting fair litigation that was so ahead of it's time. It took a while for its peoples generations to really understand i.e. the abolishment slavery. Thank you white privileged males of the time for doing that for us. Lmaoooooo if you really do forget your history you really are doomed to repeat it lol someone should out that on a shirt and sell it to Democrats Lmaoooooo

  21. dumb as conservitives..i hate unions..but they've fought hard to get us better healthcare insurance and higher wages..face plant..

  22. Here is the best argument against Medicare for all!

    1. If everyone has an equal chance to get healthy, how will rich people know the difference between themselves and poor people?

    If that sounded stupid, than it's the dumbest reason against Medicare for all! Thank you!

  23. I am happy to live in Norway!
    We have health insurance to, but that goes through taxes and if we get sick or in a accident there are no loophole papers to go through.

  24. Private insurance only covers 80%, even the "gold" plans.  Check your policy.  20% of a typical hospital bill is enough to bankrupt the average American.  You pay $2400 a year, $24,000 for 10 years of coverage, to go bankrupt.

  25. We already have insane wait times for care here in the United States, as Farron Cousins points out with the example of this father having to wait 6 months for needed bypass surgery. My insurance sent me to physical therapy (MANDATORY physical therapy) after my X-ray on my knee didn't turn up anything. I was in agony with only one session. I had to wait 2 months for an MRI, which revealed an insufficiency fracture in my tibia, which was causing the severe pain. The entire process (from 1st doctor's appointment to final diagnosis) took 4 months. No, the "long wait" argument against Medicare For All doesn't hold water at all. #BERNIE2020

  26. What we pay for our health care insurance for the year (with deductibles) comes to nearly 33% of our income. With Medicare For All, we would SAVE over $12K a year!

  27. Here in Canada there was a huge fight when the Province of Saskatchewan first introduced Medicare. Arguments became so bitter, there was even a doctor's strike that lasted 3 weeks! Yet in the end Saskatchewan's system worked so well that it became the model for Canada's beloved "universal" health care system. In fact, even the doctors learned to love the new Canadian system because they no longer had to write off bad debts from patients who couldn't pay their bills, the way they do in America.

  28. Decisions, decisions?? Pay for health care that fights against paying for your meds or chemo? Or get it for free across the board? Hummm?🤔

  29. I live in Germany and I pay 14% and my employer pays 14% for healthcare. No deductibles. But we do have co-pays but is a maximum of 2% of our net pay and 1% if you're chronically sick. MS, diabetes, Crohns, UC, Parkinsans as well as cancer to name a few.

  30. Tell me why we give money to Israel, they have compulsory Medical Coverage. Most Americans have no Health Care Coverage. How come?

  31. As an Australian it appalls me just how ripped off Americans are on health care. We have a dual system that works reasonably well. I elect to have private health care for the simple reason that I get my choice of specialist/surgeon which is not the case with Medicare. What’s the cost of my private cover? $3200 AUS per annum which is around $2300 US. This is for the highest level of cover you can buy with zero deductibles, co-pay’s or excesses oh and by the way I’m 60 with a pre existing condition. This equates to around 1.2% of my income. My point here is that whist Medicare for all works well private health care doesn’t and shouldn’t cost you the shirt off your back. The American system is pathetic, it’s loaded with wastage and designed to rip people off BIG TIME and it needn’t be that way if more people simply demanded a more fair and equitable system.

  32. So, how much money does the speaker make per year and what kind of insurance does he have? The lie that it's cheaper to have gov't pay is just that. Gov never does anything for less. An avg. health insurance policy is US $500.00/mo., over $6,000/year. Just put in everyone's take home pay and let us do it. If you can afford to pay 25%, just pay the rest of us what you're making. In spite of who you are, the world will not end without you, you're not worth what you're getting.

  33. "Why the hell should the capitalists have to support the workers with universal healthcare ? " Umm, because it's cheaper to actually keep them alive and productive. Just look at the rest of the developed world Mr Ryan. Oh , and picking up bodies in the street costs money.

  34. Of course Medicare for all is bad. Everyone will get better health and how are people supposed to make money anymore. They will go bankrupt and that's not good for America. Come on. We need more time to profit off of sick people. Don't be making too much sense.

  35. Medicare4all would ruin this country, and is a stupid idea. The quality of care would would be terrible. Stop lying about wait times to see a specialist in other countries. Medicare is already going broke.

  36. Actually all the arguments for Medicare for all are stupid. Amazing the same people who think Trump is Hitler, want the government to disarm them and take over there healthcare. You people are shit stains on this country.

  37. This Tim Ryan guy is bitch for the insurance industry! He's got his money from them now he's doing there dirty work. Fuck him and his pimp bosses!

  38. Tim Ryan is losing his already meager support in Ohio… I'm in a union and i get screwed everytime I actually use it! They want US to eat CAKE!

  39. truthfully I really think they should start going after the food industry and all the crap that they put into our food and water. we still have things in this country that have been banned in many other countries because it makes people very sick. the food industrie goes hand and hand with the drug companies. they are purposely making us sick. their motto keep em sick keep em poor and keep them dependent on drugs to stay alive. it's all about greed. I believe that if they rid all the crap out of our food/water there would be a lot less people having to go to the doctors.

  40. I'm sorry to say this but you Americans are totally misinformed over socialist medicine. I come from Germany and we mostly all love our socialist medicine here. It's efficient and costs about half of what you pay. By the way prescriptions cost between €5 and €10. It doesn't matter how big it is. By the way it's not perfect..

  41. Imagine if unions could fight for higher wages, overtime, childcare & maternity leave etc without loosing healthcare during negotiations. What about changing jobs without worrying about loosing medical benefits?
    Medicare for ALL just makes sence.

  42. If your father was an emergency case, he could expect to have his bypass within a month in Canada. Same as being a billionaire in the US.

  43. Wait. The Republicans have a GREAT BEAUTIFUL healthcare plan, that they have been working on for 12 years. It says that if you wait long enough, you won't need healthcare, BECAUSE you will be DEAD. I agree there should be a universal health plan, but I do not agree that undocumented migrants should be covered this way. They should have access to health care, under a different plan.

  44. The people who LOVE their insurance probably work for the Senate or Congress where they get benefits for life (which includes their SPOUSE) for just ONE term in office. Where can you work and carry your health plan for life?

  45. We can bail out the banks but can't afford universal health care?? How about taking some of the Pentagon's 9 billion, like the 3 billion Trump stole for his stupid ass wall and commit that towards SOCIALIZED health care. The BANKS should be paying for our healthcare. We bailed them out and have NOTHING to show for it!!

  46. As a union electrician for 25 years, I agree Whole heartedly with this I can only imagine how much we could get on our checks and still have health care if our contractors didn't have to pay the extreme high cost of private health care.

  47. So Tim is saying that the ultimate solution to healthcare concerns shouldn't come to fruition because all the hard work of unionized workers under the CURRENT healthcare system would be for nothing and therefore should continue to fight for their health care under the current system instead of giving them a solution in which they would not have to anymore? That was one of the dumbest things I have ever had to ask just to clarify how stupid someone's logic was.

  48. Other than medicare for all, the government should regulate the pharmaceutical companies, yes they do create a lot of medicines for diferent illnesses, but at what cost to us, the government already funds research for this companies with our tax money and still they charge way to much for almost every medicine, we the consumer end up paying twice for the medicine, that is not fair.

  49. Let the truth be told Medicare for all is not good because the healthcare worker ; MD, hospital admins and insurance companies wouldn't make the coin that they make. Only specialist that perform elective surgery or procedures would be successful.

  50. That's their problem, afraid of change, they're forcing me to, it's a socialist idea.
    I like wasting my $ on health insurance, FREE (Fing) sun and wind. We've been using water to build this country. We need to transition to free. They have the technology to harness and store it.

  51. LOL!!!! The fact that he proves just how jaded his thinking is!!!! One point of universal health care is no denial of procedures or coverage, no fighting over if it will be paid. Done!

  52. With this Medicare for all… What's the plan for the cover gap? I haven't heard anybody mention that only apply to the elderly?

  53. You should call it something other than Medicare for all.
    Call it All inclusive healthcare. It will make americans think of nice hotels and holidays.

  54. you are paying 25% ? hahahahaha.. i am living in Germany and I pay 14,5% FOR EVERYTHING! I have NEVER seen a doctors bill…. hahahahahaha

  55. Actually, the "wait times" argument is absurd because they're considering a fast NO as a short wait rather than an infinite wait. NEVER is the longest wait time in the world and one of the only places you get that answer on essential medical procedures is in the US.

  56. As far as I'm concerned, even if it cost me a little more overall, if it meant that everyone was covered I'd happily pay it. I'm tired of hearing stories about suicides and medication rationing.

  57. The "market place" wants to charge me 73% of my income. So, I have no insurance, because if I paid for it, I would not have any money for co-pays to use it.

  58. I got a job offer in the same industry that paid $2.75 more an hour than my current employer, still after two years more than I am compensated now. But I couldn't afford the 3 month COBRA insurance and my wife is on daily prescription meds, so I had to stay where I was.

  59. I want to know how MFA will be implemented. I have an HMO now and love it. I had it for years, then switched jobs and had to go to Cigna. I'm a medical professional and I couldn't figure out how to navigate the private insurance system. It was confusing, overly complicated, inconvenient (not everything in the same place), lacked communication (records didn't always follow you), and no place to call for help with figuring out what to do or how. I don't have any issue with the costs as they were pretty much the same (Cigna and HMO). What I want to know is if MFA will let me keep my HMO? Or, will all these providers be forced into being a government service (which is notoriously inefficient and hard to navigate).
    Note that I have no experience with Medicare vs private as am not old enough yet. But many of us working aged folk may like to know the answers to my questions above.

  60. To add another story disproving the idea our current system doesn't have wait times: my sister had a Fibroid (basically a non-cancerous tumor) the size of an orange growing out of her uterus. After she finally got a doctor to listen to her and got it identified (as opposed to the previous 4/5 that dismissed it as an STD or UTI), she still had to wait THREE months to get it removed.

  61. Australian here, we have universal healthcare. 2% tax of my income oh the humanity. You guys are crazy!.

  62. When talking about "wait times", are they including time spent on the phone or by email corresponding with their insurance?

  63. How are going to fund the wars around the world and the poor insurance companies will just die. You really are a backward nation in many ways. You find the money to kill but can’t find it to educated and heal.

  64. "Afraid of change, or have something to gain by keeping private insurance the way it is today". OF COURSE, they have something to gain.! Billions and billions of dollars ripped off from the average consumer.! Doesn't everyone know that private insurance is one of the biggest moneymakers in the world.?! Is it any wonder they oppose Medicare for all.?

  65. Good on you Farron, we have Medicare for all here in Australia. We also have the option of private healthcare. You poor bastards are being ripped off big time in the USA !…

  66. It is better to pay for smart phone service so you can text about cloud formations than it is to pay for your own healthcare insurance.

  67. Medicare for all puts money back into your pocket. If you're US viewers have internet they can see at at a glance what the average worker in UK pays in taxes for their health insurance. No lies. It's all there on UK government website. Rates will be similar in US to UK once it's up and running. Get the facts for yourself before you all shoot yourself in the foot by believing morons like Ryan.

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