9.5 Million Previously Uninsured Now Have Health Insurance

9.5 Million Previously Uninsured Now Have Health Insurance

9.5 million people who were previously
uninsured now have health insurance we’ve talked
about the good and the bad Obamacare the Affordable Care Act and at this
point it’s abundantly clear that in spite of all the bad things there are many significant good things
coming as a result today President Obama’s health care law after the rocky watch that took place in
part because the republicans not properly
funding in their states has now spurred the largest expansion in health coverage in the United States
in half a century according to national surveys and
enrollment data so this looks at a review up state and
federal and roll not reports surveys interviews with the insurance executives
who are up to speed on how many new customers they’re getting as a result
that the law these are not exact numbers the exit
that the final reports will be a few more months a but it’ll be a few more months before
we have those numbers but what we do know is at least 6 million people have signed up
for health coverage on these new marketplaces about one-third of whom were previously uninsured that two
million people previously uninsured there a February
survey by consulting company McKinsey & Company
found that 27 percent have new enrollees were previously
uninsured and you data suggests that during March
it was even more above the new subscribers that were
previously uninsured 4.5 million previously uninsured adults
have signed up for state medicaid programs according to Iran’s
unpublished survey data and the numbers go on and on
and on so I really have mixed feelings I want
to just report this as honestly as possible as close as it
is to my honest feelings Louis because the
reality is my view on this is new ones on the one hand the pre-existing
conditions about modifications in terms of not
being excluded from coverage if they have pre-existing conditions being the creation of the exchanges the individual mandate being able to
stay on parents insurance until age 26 these are all good things more people
being insured is a good thing what’s bad is that the entire macro health insurance system move this
country is a disaster for some reason every other country at our level of development has figured
out that we don’t need to have a profit driven health insurance system you can
have a government non-profit health insurance system not tied to employment which is better for people it prevents health
insurance health cost related bankruptcy from happening that’s
unheard of in other countries at our level of development and is also better for people you can be
more self realized in South actualized if you can make decisions about
employment that reflect what would be best for you
and your family based on your interests and based on the type of job rather that having a steady job just to
avoid losing your health insurance so I feel Louis that when I’m overly
critical or not critical enough are are audience
parts of our audience might only take one side at that one really this is
two-sided it does good at the micro-level and the macro is still a system that
needs to be drastically changed right and that’s the problem it
needs to be drastically changed and that that I don’t think is going to
happen for a very long time the only person of course that would be
adversely affected people rather would be health insurance
companies and they’re the ones that have by a lot of power I guess that’s right
that the biggest those who stand to lose the most from a government-run universal health care system are the
private insurers that actually that absolutely right in many countries have
said that’s not really a business that at the society making health insurance a
profit thing not adding anything with they’ve gotta
move on and do something else there would be a lot a lobbying dollars pushing against that

18 thoughts on “9.5 Million Previously Uninsured Now Have Health Insurance

  1. what libertarians and republicans don't realize is that THIS is what's going to be written in the history books about Obama. Not the NSA, not Benghazi but the affordable healthcare act giving 9.5 million Americans healthcare within of few months of its signing.

  2. I wonder if one could have, as an experiment, a state socialized healthcare system (instead of national).  The state could impose a small tax on purchased goods or income.  The state could "shop around" for certain best health care related services/goods for the lowest prices such as medication, hospital networks to see who will get the contract for 2 years or so.  I bet you any money there would be plenty of hospitals, pharmas, and disease prevention institutions that would love a piece of that pie

  3. Obamacare has begun with 9.5 million previously uninsured with health insurance…the bad?  

    Red Lobster and Olive Garden are still in business.

  4. This is why Obamacare will never be repealed. 
    Do people honestly think, the lobby groups for insurance company's that just received roughly 10 million new clients is going to allow this to fall out of their grasp? No, absolutely not.

  5. Yeah well those paying for insurance have doubled in just 2 years. My insurance just went up 37% JUST THIS YEAR.

    Yes it is so great people are paying $400-$600 PER MONTH for an $8000 deducible!

  6. Except for those of us who can't afford Obamacare… they wanted 280 dollars per month. So now that I can't afford Obamacare, I'm being fined at the end of the year for not having it. I'm essentially being fined for being poor.

  7. Really not sure how forcing people to buy things they still can't afford so that your partners in crime can make more money is a victory, but whatever…

  8. But David — this is America. America wants to make money from everything it brings forth or it's not happy. Forget about it bringing us up to the standards of the rest of the world when it comes to countries assuring good health to their people…pffft! Can't make any money out of this? Fergetaboutit!

  9. People were being forced to buy health insurance.  It is like saying the public school system is a success when they force children to go.  And the big issue is where is the money going to come from to fund all of this?  This isn't much of a victory for Obamacare.

  10. Many "sign-ups" were actually transfers from Medicare, and prison inmates. The number of people to actually PAY for their new plans is the number that matters… and it isn't being reported.

  11. I believe this bill was passed to not only let people get good insurance coverage at a a affordable price but to keep households from going bankrupt in the event of a major health issue,surgery,transplant, or being born with defects which were not covered by insurance companies. Pre existing conditions which the insurance companies would pick and choose who they would insure..I looked into some plans that were way out of our budget..we are retired and living on a pension and my husbands SS check..so $700 a month was way out of our budget. Thanks to the ACA, I now have a great plan, no deductible and it pays 90/10.  I have never been sick either, have been in the hospital for a childbirth only..have been lucky to have good health so far..but saying you will never get sick is ridiculous!  And people complaining about being forced to pay for healthcare???  We are forced to pay for car insurance if you drive, we are forced to pay Medicare and SS taxes out of our paychecks..so what is the big deal?  It is for the good of the AP and we should all have it!

  12. Ahh, more taxes to the government. Maybe one day, the people, especially the poor, will stop paying their taxes, or tributes, to the destructive, and gun crazy governments of the world. The problem is not that people are being forced to pay taxes (if you think you are being forced, just don't pay taxes, see, nobody is forcing you). The problem is that government is scaring people. You don't have to give us your rightfully earned money, but if you don't we will make you give us more, and if you still don't you will be held against your will, and if you try to defend yourself against your kidnappers, you will be murdered.

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