7 Stretches to Grow Taller & Improve Posture + BONUS Tips!

7 Stretches to Grow Taller & Improve Posture + BONUS Tips!

Today we’re gonna show you how to get from
here to there with seven simple stretches, let’s be real genetics amounts to about
60% to 80% of your height but the other 20% or so actually
has to do with your diet, your lifestyle and exercises, you can actually gain an inch or two by
just knowing what stretches and exercises to do that will help to elongates strengthen
and stretch the muscles so that you have the right framework for
you to grow to the maximum potential. So today we’re going to show you nine
stretches that are simple and really effective on improving your
height no matter what age you are, you can still be growing after the age of 25, so make sure you stay until the very end of
the video to find out all the tips because we added a few little
secret bonus ones at the end, and they’re our personal favorites, and yeah let’s just jump into the video,
okay so quick test before we start, I want you guys to stand up and look down
at the normal position of your thumbs, and if they’re pointing towards each other,
it means your shoulders have rounded, and you probably look something like this
with a little bit of a slouch, rather than this which is good posture, and your shoulders are back and
everything is nice and straight. So actually the secret is all to strengthening
the muscles in our back, so when our back muscles and the muscles
that surround the spine are really weak, our shoulders will naturally
hump over like this, which will make us look
really really short, and it might actually be one of the reasons
why you think you’re short, so do you guys have these symptoms, we’re gonna show you all the secrets
in how to be taller, and make sure you hit that subscribe
button and turn on the notifications, and let’s get to stretching. The wall angel bring your arms
up to 90 degrees And stand about five centimeters
away from the wall, or you can squat, what do you do this
it’s really important that the arch of your back is completely flat
against the wall, really push your hips and and
the entire spine backwards, this is super important, but you are
supposed to feel some tension holding the arms at 90 degrees, so now begin to straighten the arms
directly overhead trying to keep the elbows sliding up
against the wall, and remember keeping the back and
spine as flat as you can against the wall, as you get stronger and looser, the forearms and back of the hands
will be able to stay in contact with the wall, now keep the abs tight and repeat
around five times, this is one of the more effective stretches
into just lengthening your upper body, Y stretch, put your arms over your head
at about a 45 degree angle while lying face down on the ground, and then you want to rotate one arm,
and open your chest wide open, go from the left to the right side, and this will open up the theoretics spine,
helping you really open up the chest, and also strengthen those shoulder muscles, if you do this a few times each day or
at least three or four times a week, you’ll really see a huge difference in
opening up your shoulders, and really just improving your
overall stature, and your posture making you
taller, reach the sky, start by standing about 10
centimeters from the wall, place your palms together and
hold it straight above your head, shooting them upwards,keep
the shoulders lifted, now slowly push back until the tip
of your fingers touch the wall, push through from the hips, and you’ll feel a stretch opening up
the chest as well as the back , hold for about five seconds, and
then return to original position, each time step half a step further
away from the wall and repeat, remember to extend from the hips
and shoulders for a good stretch, and keep the head facing up, downward dog this stretch
strengthens and lengthens, to do this correctly straighten your
legs to your personal limit, and poke your tailbone to the ceiling, and straighten the back pressing
down on the shoulder blades, making sure your spine is nice
and long and straight, this might hurt the hamstrings which
are at the back of the thighs a little when you first do it, but do a deep inhale and then exhale, and repeat the breath about
eight times and then relax, you can drop the knees and enter into
Child’s Pose which will help the spine muscles relax, so when you’re doing this, make sure
you’re not letting your head drop down too far, and keeping the head as an extension
of the spine, so they’re all nice and straight, and make sure you don’t
let your back arch, but when you do this repeatedly,
it’ll get easier every time, so I like to just do this about five times,
shoulders stretch, this stretch is to fix the muscles that cause
slouching and rounded shoulders, reach the forearm backwards slightly,
just after you get in that position, hook the arms against something
like a wall or a doorway, then rotate your chest towards
the other direction, while still trying to reach
back with the arms, and take a stride out to really
push into that stretch, now hold this for about
thirty seconds at a time, and this helps all the muscles that link
from the neck to the shoulders and also the chest and back, hip flexor stretch, starting off by
kneeling on your legs, bend one leg out in front of you with
the flat foot on the floor, if you feel discomfort in the
front of your knee, place a towel under the knee for support,
now keeping your back straight, put your hands on one knee for balance
and slowly push your hips forward until you feel a stretch in the upper
thigh or your back leg and hip, and then hold this stretch for at
least 15 to 20 seconds, then you want to repeat it
on the other leg, the hip flexors are in the hips and
it helps improve flexibility but more importantly
lengthens the muscles which also help to restore overworked
tissues and muscles in the legs. Another version of the hip flexor
stretch is to lay one leg on the floor and bend the other leg and clutch
it into your chest, you feel the stretch on the thigh,
and make sure to keep the hips square and secure, so they’re both planted on the ground,
you can apply pressure on the knee, and just push and force that down
until you feel the stretch, Toe lift, stop by standing straight
with your heels on the ground, then lift as high as you can,
and hold that position, and then gently lay the feet
back on the ground, keep your legs straight and feel like
an imaginary string that’s pulling your head upwards through your spine all the way
down to your toes, now repeat this for 30 seconds
about eight to ten times a day, so how does this work, when your heels are raised, the largest
blood vessels are filled with blood, due to the muscle contractions,
and when the heels are dropped back down, the blood turns around and immediately
starts moving towards your heart, therefore reducing the
strain on your heart, and at the same time blood gets
access to all the muscles therefore allowing them to stretch
much better and elongate the entire body, but we’re not done yet because we said
we would share with you guys some bonus tips that we have that’ll make you look
taller without stretching, Wear vertical stripes rather
than horizontal stripes because lines that run up and down gives
the illusion of a more longer and more slimmer elongated body, so for those of you who don’t want to
appear curvy or more round, vertical stripes also help with that too, wear insoles not only are insoles
great for feet and legs support, but you can actually find some
that give you extra height, you can find them on Amazon, and they’re really simple you can
just slip them into the hill area of your shoes, and give that extra boost of height,
and no one will notice a thing, just maybe just don’t take off your shoes, you can also get insoles made by your
podiatrist which will help not only support your back and your posture, but it will also give you a couple inches
of height as well, tease your hair, so this one’s a little misleading, but when you’re short you want all the
additional height you can get right, so I like to just tease the crown of my
head a little, and it gives the illusion that you’re a little taller, but also it gives your hair more volume, so those are the stretches that will help
to elongate strengthen and stretch your muscles, remember being tall is not always the
goal, because even when you’re shorter, and you do all these things correctly,
you can appear taller, so you know how like ballerinas always
seem to be holding themselves so tall , so you can be short and still feel a room, you know what I mean, just
embrace the body that you have, alright guys thank you
guys for watching, if you have any questions
leave your comments below, remember to check out my
how to grow taller video, if you haven’t already seen that,
make sure you’ve subscribed and liked this video and we’ll see you
guys in the next one.

100 thoughts on “7 Stretches to Grow Taller & Improve Posture + BONUS Tips!

  1. 19, almost 20
    Hasn't grown-up since middle school
    Week 0: 5'2" / 157 cm
    Edit: week 1 i haven't noticed a height change but i think that my back muscles are in better shape, have no back pain, next week I have a nutritionist apointment and she'll most likely measure me uwu wish me luck

  2. uhh,, i tried the wall angel one but the arch of the back can't- and i mean, CAN'T be flat against the wall. does this mean something bad? i tried soo many times but i just couldn't.

  3. updating every week ;-; wish me luck

    (Present: 152.4 cm)

    Week 1: 152.4cm
    Week 2:
    Week 3:
    Week 4:
    to be continued…

    Lets hope I remember ;-;

  4. i wanna be a model, but i also like being short. i am 159 cm (5’3 i guess)
    and all of the models are like 170 cm. i want to grow to 169 cm (5’6 or even 5’7). i know, i am just (almost) thirteen, but when i finish art school (two years later) i want to give it a lot of time (about a year or so, because i really wanna be sure) to realise what i really want to do with my life. i’ll be fifteen then and if i decide to go to a model school, i’ll never be short again (i know i can’t just grow taller that easy, by the way). i mean, it wouldn’t be that bad, being tall, but do i really want to?

    should i follow my dream of becoming a model or should i give it more thought before i try and do everything to grow taller?

  5. Okay I’ll do this diligently every month and update here. I promise to update lol. My mom is 5 feet and my dad is 5’11” so my doctor thinks that I’ve reached my limit but fingers crossed that I’ll grow taller 😭

    Current height 4’11”
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female


  6. I am 18 and I currently stand at 5’6 and I will do this for 1 month, if I can find this comment after 1 month I will give results

  7. Omg not gonna lie, I thought I was watching the same girl until I got to the end of the video LOL mind blown and are they sisters?

  8. I’m 160cm (5’3) and I want to be like as tall as my cousin (5’8) I want to play volleyball in high school so I’m trying to get taller I’m in 6th grade so Ima try this

    1-9-2020 160cm

  9. I'm 172cm.. wanna reach 175cm. Will try my best 🙈😆

    Current: 172cm

    Week 1:
    Week 2:
    Week 3:
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  10. I'm a boy who is Cambodian and now I'm 19ys old. My height is 5'8 (172cm) and my brother's 23ys old with his height 5'11 (180cm). So I want my height to be like my brother at age 23 , I wish I can achieve my goals 🙏🏻♥️

    My dad is 5'6 and my mom is 5'2. They're not tall but to me they are my angel and my hero 🇰🇭😘 💪🏻

  11. Lmao why is everyone 13 or 15, I'm 22 and stopped growing since I was like 17, I just stayed 158cm and wanted to find some hope 🙁


  13. For those that are below 5'5, EAT HEALTHY and EXERCISE. SLEEP. Participate in sports activities or games. Its 2020, you should definitely not be shorter than 5'5 and the only reason for that to happen is you are doing something wrong.

  14. Dude I want to be a pilot which has a height requirement of 5'4 bY 16
    I am 5'1 and a half and I am already 14!!! I need to do something

  15. Age: 13 1/2
    Gender: Female
    Now: 155 cm
    Goal: 165 cm

    (Mothers height: 168 cm
    Fathers Height: 175 cm)

    I hope I don‘t forget to update, if I do pls remind me

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