5 Best Health Benefits Offered By Chestnuts | healthy food

five best health benefits offered by chestnut chestnut is the best among all the edible nuts impact with all essential nutrients which are required for a balanced diet in fact chestnut is considered more superiors than even walnuts and almonds only because of the umpteen health benefits that it offers in its richness and nutritional value chestnut plays a significant role in lowering your cholesterol with a delicious treat that you can t find from other nuts today chestnut is considered more in European countries in other countries of the world in roasted and without roasted form as it offers unique delicious taste when consumed in any form here are the health benefits that chestnut offers to its consumer when it is consumed in a diet plan following health benefits offered by chestnuts one lowers cholesterol the major benefit offered by chestnut is that it is very helpful in lowering the cholesterol level of blood as it inhibits the excessive absorption of cholesterol in the intestines chestnuts are highly rich in fiber content that makes it the most preferable home dietary option for patients of high blood sugar and high cholesterol chestnut can control the blood sugar level thereby giving great contribution in lowering the glycemic index which are responsible for the cholesterol problems 2 controls heart problems chestnuts are found to be highly rich in MUF phase i-ii monounsaturated fatty acids that lowers the LDL levels in an effective ways and increases the HDL levels that keeps the good cholesterol level chestnuts are also rich in a good percentage of dietary fiber and omega-3 s that boosts the heart s problems and control all the heart problems that anyone faces due to high cholesterol level 3 control stomach and digestion problems chestnut is found to be very rich in fiber and is widely preferred for clearing common health problems constipation as chess myths are crammed with essential dietary fiber therefore it can easily simulate the smooth digestion of the body and can contribute in treating ailments like acid reflux and obesity richness and fiber content also makes it an excellent dietary supplement to cure complex diseases like diverticulitis and inflammatory bowel diseases for treats gluten-free disorders chestnuts are gluten-free like other nuts available in the market and therefore it is highly recommended by health professionals to prepare foods free from gluten this gluten-free property of chestnut makes it perfect choice to treat diseases like wheat allergy or celiac diseases gluten-free property of chestnut also cures all major gluten related disorders such as diarrhea constipation and muscular disturbances and gives fast relief to common complications like pains on bones and joints migraines severe acne bloating and other discomforts in stomach as well as intestines 5 promotes DNA synthesis chestnuts are the best diet supplements that must be included in a daily diet plan because of the healthy benefits that it offers to the health chestnut contains higher percentage of folate which is very helpful in the formation of red blood corpuscle IE RBC and promotes DNA synthesis greatly chestnut is totally different from other seats and nuts available in the market because all of them lacks folate except chestnut the best source of folate are green leafy vegetables but you can also use chestnut as an alternative to promote DNA synthesis if you didn t love to consume green leafy vegetable daily in your meal plans you

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