49 thoughts on “45 Minute Hatha Yoga for Self Care (Magically Feel Great)

  1. hello Lesley, thank you for your 30 day yoga journey:) I will ask you here, do you have any tips for high crescent pose so the front leg won't be dancing so badly? I'm always losing my balance even if it's just simple standing in crescent with arms up. Maybe I should spread more front leg's fingers? I hope you can advise me something. Lots of love from Poland.

  2. From the strong practices this is definitely my favorite one so far 👏! I love the slow pace so much as it gives me the opportunity of exploring Sthira Sukham in every pose 🙏💕. And I also had the chance of smuggling in Skandasana during the Prasarita Padottanasana 😜. And side note: I personally find twisted half moon way easier than twisted triangle 🤔. Enjoy your Sunday everyone 🤗

  3. Enjoy💖

    Loved this class as well, a perfect balance of stretching and strength, I felt really empowered doing the half goddess half torture pose 😜

    Thank you sweet Leslie!!

  4. Definitely enjoyed this practice! 💗🙏🏻 I agree with Yvonne, this one is my favourite so far. I liked the updog with the toes curled under and the twisted half moon 👏🏻 See you tomorrow Lesley and Duke!

  5. Just Love all your classes, this love is perfect for an evening flow … so grateful for your selfless sharing of so many free yoga classes

  6. Oh, Lesley, this one was so so good for me on every level. Felt very emotional while resting. My heart is lighter, my spirit is brighter. Much love & gratitude to you for all you give everyday.❤️❤️❤️

  7. Hey Leslie! Big fan of your videos, they've helped me tremendously. Really digging this latest series.

    Have you ever considered making a video explaining some of your body movement terms? Such as "tuck your hip points, roll your lower ribs, lengthen sitting bones toward back of knees" etc? I can't be alone in that I don't know what half of these mean 😂 I think it would help me get so much more out of your videos if you were to gather a list of these terms and defined/showed their intention. Cheers!

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