3 Kg वज़न घटाएं in 5 Days | Full Day Diet Plan For Weight Loss in Hindi | Lose Weight Fast

3 Kg वज़न घटाएं in 5 Days | Full Day Diet Plan For Weight Loss in Hindi | Lose Weight Fast

This Year she has resolved to Lose Weight! She as well! And he too! If you also plan to Lose Weight, then this Video is for YOU! This is a very simple and easy diet plan which will give you Instant Benefits. This Diet Plan’s objective is that you consume lesser calories than what you consume everyday and yet you feel energetic and remain fit. If you follow this Diet Plan, then your daily calorie intake is less than 1000 Calories. And when you consume lesser calories, your weight will automatically come down. Let’s see this Diet Plan! For Breakfast, take 2 Bananas and a glass of Milk. Milk should be Fat-Free. Here, we are Taking Amul’s Double Toned Milk, you can take fat free milk of any brand. Don’t add Sugar to this Milk. Between Breakfast and Lunch, have 3 Glasses of Water. If you can’t drink Plain Water in quantity, you may add Lemon to it to add flavor. In Lunch, you have to take 2 Bananas and a Glass of Milk. Between Lunch and Dinner, have 3 Glasses of Water. Have as much Water as you can as it will be good for your health. For Dinner, take 2 Cucumbers, 2 Tomatoes, about 100 grams Paneer, one slice Brown Bread of any Brand and a pinch of Salt. You may take Cucumbers and Tomatoes in any form. Here, we have prepared a Salad using Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Cheese with a pinch of Salt. In addition to this Salad, you have to take 2 Bananas, a glass of Milk and a slice of Bread. This is your Complete Dinner Meal. One Hour before going to sleep, take a cup of Tea or Coffee. You can take Bananas and Milk in any form that you may like – warm or cold. Like for Breakfast you may take Warm Milk with Bananas and for Lunch, you may take it as a Banana Shake. Whichever way suits your health, you can take it that way. One thing that is good about Bananas is that they give you fullness for a longer period and you don’t feel hungry soon. So when you won’t feel hungry soon, you won’t consume more calories and this will bring your weight down. Bananas have good amount of Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber that will keep you energetic throughout the day and also help in digestion. Similarly, Milk has Calcium and Protein which is highly beneficial for your body. So when we have Milk and Banana together it’s combined properties not only boost our health but also fulfill our daily dietary needs. If you follow this diet for 5 Days consecutively, you’ll see the difference. Once you have completed this Diet Plan, then start with some easy Diet Plan so that you are able to maintain your weight. Even if you are not following any specific Diet Plan, you can take care of few things in your daily lifestyle. Avoid Fried Foods, avoid Sugar, have more of fresh Fruits and Vegetables, drink lots of Water, eat more Whole grains and avoid Processed Foods. Try talking out time for a 15 Minute Walk everyday and if possible, jog. Also, if you are unwell then avoid this Diet Plan. Also, don’t follow this Diet Plan for more than 5 Days. Water plays an important role in this Diet Plan, so have as much Water as you can so that it flushes out toxins from your body. If you follow this Diet for 5 Days, you’ll not only lose weight but you’ll also see many more benefits. You’ll get silky smooth shinier skin, you’ll feel energetic throughout the day, your body will get even more flexible, you’ll get better clarity of mind which will help you take decisions easily and overall you’ll feel more positive than ever!

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  2. Y kya chutiyapa bta rhi ho .behen ji …in sb chijo s weight ghatta h ki badta …bilkul nhi psnd aaya tumhara video ..ur koi video plz n bnana
    Ur thoda s bnana tum bhi kha lo ..akal aaye thodi s

  3. pardon me but this diet plan isn't good at all.. sirf bananas aur milk kaafi nahi hain body ki nutritional needs puri krne ke liye.
    if anyone does follow this plan and lose weight they will instantly gain it all back once they switch back to their regular meals..of course no one can eat just bananas all their life..

  4. Hiee mam
    mam banana se weight badega nhi ?
    ar ek baat mam agr 5 days k baad ye diet chorte h to is k baad aap ne bola k koi bhi easy diet le sakte h
    mins easy mins 5 days k baad kon si diet le sakte h please bataye

  5. yeh 5 days hi krna hai .. ya aage continue kr sakte hai ??
    aur agar 5 days se zada continue nhi kr sakte …… phr kitne dino ke baad dobara kr sakte hai ??

  6. Hi, i am a Dietitian, and this diet plan has many defects. It can be improved because a diet plan should be for that person also who is foody and can follow. And being on banana and milk till dinner is very hard for a person!

  7. Thnkyou…..so much..dear ….mera to weight bhut time se still tha… is deit se 1 kg kam hua…ar inches b loose hue …

  8. Mam apse ek BAAT puchni h meri mom bolti hai Banana se hum aur bhi Jada mote ho jayenge please mam me bhout canfues hu me kal se diet start krna cahti hu but confuse bhout hu please mam help me

  9. I started today my weight is 58.6kg date 19july let see what happen in coming days..with running 3km per day

  10. Therefore in 1 month 18 kg and in one year 216 kg and hardly out of lakhs one weights like this . So it's LOL.🤔🤔🤔

  11. Mujhe subah Chai Ki Aadat hai main sirf ek Cup chai Aur Do Marie biscuit Le sakti ho please please reply Meri age 36 hai Mera weight 70/hi Mujhe 10 kilo vajan kam karna hai lekin mujhe subah chai Ke Bina Nahin chalta please please please jaldi reply dena

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