2 Bananas A Day | Top 11 Supper Health Benefits Of Eating 2 Banana’s 🍌 Daily For A Months

bananas are an incredibly popular fruit
this fruit full of nutrients and are loaded with vitamins fibers minerals and
natural sugars it has lots of benefits for your body so if you eat two banana a
day these will happen to your body one heartburn bananas are a natural
antacid and the perfect solution for those who suffer from heartburn or acid
reflux to anemia anemia refers to a condition in which someone experiences
low levels of red blood cells in the blood the iron and bananas increases the
production of red blood cells 3 energy eating – banana before a workout boosts
your energy levels and provide your muscles with essential nutrients for
depression studies have shown that bananas can help
you overcome depressive syndrome because they contain high levels of the amino
acid tryptophan a substance that is converted to serotonin in the body 5
brain health bananas release energy slowly which
helps the brain stay alert for a longer period of time the high potassium levels
keep us more alert and the magnesium helps the brain to focus 6 hormones
containing a high level of potassium and b6 vitamins bananas are a good source of
nutrients necessary for hormone production 7 low and protein bananas are
naturally very low in protein and fat thus they don’t make a completely
balanced meal or snack on their own 8 weight-loss at just 100 calories are
serving bananas are a good option for people trying to lose a few pounds they
also contain 3 grams of fiber helping us feel more full and keep cravings at bay
9 diabetic bananas can prevent blood sugar spikes after a meal making them a
great choice of food if you’re a diabetic
certain bones the nutrients in bananas help build and sustain strong bones by
increasing calcium absorption eleven power banana has the ability to improve
blood circulation to your private organ to stay longer with your partner now you
know all the benefits so will you eat two banana every day let us know in the
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