12 Unexplainable Videos That Baffled Experts

12 Unexplainable Videos That Baffled Experts

It’s hard to fool an expert, but these unsettling
videos have been baffling experts in their respective fields. Let’s analyze these videos
and see if we can succeed where the experts have failed.
12. Eight different states across America, from
Oregon to New York, have experienced loud booming noises with no detectable origin.
All of them cause total panic and sound something like this. Nobody knows what is causing them, but they
do appear to give off some kind of strange energy.
A doorbell cam in a quiet Rhode Island neighborhood manages to pick one of the booms, but it’s
still not clear what is going on. Watch this part and let me know if you can tell what
caused this. I was thinking it was a blown generator but
it’s not. According to the homeowner, no workers came out to fix anything. Also, the
exact same thing happened in another Rhode Island town on the same day.. The locations
are seemingly random and experts are completely baffled by all of the video evidence so far. 11. This video was reportedly taken by a navy
patrol boat off the coast of Chile in South America. What appears to be a gigantic slow-moving
U F O is soon confirmed by both the navy and a nearby air traffic control tower to not
be one of their own. I was thinking maybe this was an ordinary
blimp or a helicopter until it emits some kind of inky mystery substance at the 8 minute,
18 second mark. The camera cuts away for a bit and then approximately five seconds later
you can see the substance has solidified into a thick, clumpy mass. As if that isn’t weird enough, the U F O
then detaches itself from the mass, which hangs completely suspended in midair, and
keeps on going until it’s no longer in sight. I have certainly never seen an aircraft do
that before and it doesn’t look normal at all. If this is not edited, then I have little
doubt that this visitor is from another planet entirely. 10. This video was taken in Saudi Arabia at the
holy city of Mecca after a ceremony was suddenly interrupted by swarms of locusts. If someone
could translate what is being said here I would really appreciate the extra insight. What’s crazy is how these insects, specifically
seem to gather around the iconic Grand Mosque. This is the first time in history that locusts
have ever swarmed this area and experts have no idea what caused them to do so. 9. You may remember this story from one of my
previous videos, where Steve Ronin and his group of friends found a lost girl in a deep
underground cave. One of the people with him was fellow YouTuber, Exploring With Josh,
and we can analyse his footage of the event for more clarity on what happened. The group
stumbled upon this scared girl while exploring the cave, and they reunite her with her parents.
What remains unclear is how this girl managed to wonder so deep into the cave with no flashlight
or supplies. Numerous news agencies have now covered the story, with none being able to
offer an explanation. Nevertheless, she was clearly lost and if it wasn’t for these
YouTubers saving the day, she may have never made it out of that cave. 8. This video was posted on my subreddit by someone
in Palo Alto, California. For well over a minute these large lights jump all around
the sky, changing directions seemingly at random without logic or reason.
After a while the mysterious lights slowly lower to the ground, almost as if landing
somewhere unseen. This landing maneuver strongly suggests that this is some kind of controlled
aircraft, though exactly what it’s being controlled by is anyone’s guess. The person who posted this video claims to
be a pilot and has absolutely no idea what this could be. I thought it could be an experiment
with flares, but they say military flares are much smaller and move differently.
Whatever it was, I would be particularly worried because, according to his estimations, the
strange lights apparently landed about 20 miles from his house. 7. An eerie high-pitched beeping noise has been
startling residents in Forest Grove, Oregon for quite some time now and no one can figure
out how or why. The noise is so bad that it apparently drives
people and pets indoors when it’s active, as this video apparently shows. Leave me your best guess as to what this could
be. Water valves, train tracks, gas leaks and wildlife have all been ruled out, so I
have absolutely no idea. 6. Dozens of fish are pouring out of this ice
fishing hole and no one has been able to figure out why. Listen to this part and try to translate
what these two men are saying if you can. I think it might be Russian. At first I thought maybe they had used underwater
blasts to stun the fish, but you can clearly see that the fish are still moving on their
own and appear to be jumping through the hole through their own free will.
I have no idea what could cause all of these fish to rush to their doom, and from the sound
of their nervous chatter, neither do these fishing experts. Maybe the fish are trying
to escape a huge predator beneath the surface or perhaps it is some kind of natural phenomenon
beyond explanation. 5. This reportedly leaked video shows the inside
of an underground base full of foreign equipment. Rows and rows of what appear to be storage
tanks stretch as far as the eye can see, though exactly what’s inside is anyone’s guess. Look closely at these smooth pods and you
can see that each one contains the dark outline of something growing inside. It looks vaguely
human, though its true form cannot be determined. The video’s quality is very grainy and looks
to be taken at least decades ago, if not longer. Experts have been unable to provide a concrete
source for this video, meaning it’s probably original.
I think that a movie set like this would have to cost a lot of money to design, so this
is either a very high-budget amateur film, or mostly likely real footage taken by unknown
people. Let me know what you think it is and be sure to provide more information if you
have any. 4. This video was taken at the Galway Swimming
Club in Ireland. It might not seem like much at first, but Lion’s Mane Jellyfish like
this one can grow larger than a whale and have more than a thousand poisonous tentacles,
each one can be over a hundred feet long. In other words, it’s one of the last creatures
you’d want to ever see lurking in a public swimming area.
Hundreds of these slow-moving monsters have been showing up on the West Coast of Ireland
and no one knows why. Marine experts are completely baffled as to what could have changed in the
waters to accommodate them, especially in such large numbers.
Meanwhile, Lion’s Mane Jellyfish are continuing to send swimmers to the hospital and the infestation
shows no signs of slowing down. 3. Experts have yet to debunk a YouTube channel
claiming to break the very boundaries of space and time. The channel features no less than
eight videos taking place over the course of a year which focus on a strange glowing
device. The device apparently uses different tones
and frequencies to experiment with interdimensional travel. Here you can see the first real signs
of success from a video in 2017. Some sort of molecular rift opens before his
very eyes and looks very convincing. The rift appears to move very realistically with the
camera and does not look to be CGI. After a few months of research and careful
adjustments, he finally figures out the correct combination of frequencies to open the rift
wider than ever before. Again, nothing about this looks like CGI to
me. The way the rift moves with the camera would be very hard to digitize frame by frame
in my opinion, especially when the camera goes out of focus at the 1 minute, 50 second
mark. Soon the edges of the rift grow thin and another
world emerges. If this video is to be believed, then what would could be staring into is an
alternate timeline of our own world. So far, video editing experts have yet to disprove
this video, so let me know if you think it’s fake or real based on what you’ve seen here. 2. NASA scientists are in the middle of conducting
a nine-hour space experiment when this strangely haunting static fills their ears. NASA experts describe the noise only as “complex
signals”. They think it could be anything from equipment vibrations to gravity waves,
but I think it sounds like it could be some radio signal from another galaxy.
Many people believe that some kind of lifeform was trying to contact us, and I agree that
it’s a definite possibility, especially considering the sound was only heard for a
single minute and never again. Either way, the mysterious sound you’ve
just heard was recorded in 2014 and has been baffling experts ever since. No clear explanation
has ever been provided, so I’d like to get yours if possible. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
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be notified of the new videos I upload every Thursday and Saturday. 1. There’s an illness in North America that
has been going after kids for years, leaving them without use of their limbs or even worse.
Doctors can’t figure out what causes it, and worst of all, they can’t figure out
how to cure it. Once you have it, it’s largely up to you to recover and survive.
It’s called Acute Flaccid Myelitis and it’s often preceded by a cold. If you get AFM,
the illness spreads to your muscles and makes it hard to speak or even swallow. Your face
and eyelids might sag and become droopy. Limbs often stop working and require intensive treatment
to get over. In worst case scenarios, you might not survive.
Some sadly require a medical ventilator just to breathe.
AFM first appeared in 2014 and it seems to strike every two years. We have no idea if
AFM is caused by. All we know is that it targets youth and the average age is only four years

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