10 FOODS I EAT EVERY WEEK: healthy food ideas TO TRY!

10 FOODS I EAT EVERY WEEK: healthy food ideas TO TRY!

if you want to know the ten foods I eat
every single week then watch this video because I am sharing my healthy staples
hey everyone welcome back to my channel my name is Lev and we make lots of
healthy delicious recipes here on my channel so feel free to subscribe and
join if you’d like and today we are talking about ten foods I eat every
single week because I am definitely a creature of habit and I buy a lot of the
same things every single week and I believe that this video was started by
Health Net nutrition some shout-out to her fellow Canadian and also like
healthy recipe person like me so I’m gonna leave her video down below
inspired me to do this one I thought I would share the 10 things that I eat
every week so let’s go ahead and get right into it number one is almond milk I have
recently also loved this brand of almond milk in particular this is the milk
brand in its organic almond unsweetened vanilla guys this almond milk is like
the best of milk I have tasted in my life and I love it because there’s only
three ingredients water organic almonds natural vanilla and Himalayan salt no
gums none of that no carrageenan four simple ingredients it’s delicious I use
this to make my creamy paleo porridge that you guys may have seen it’s which
makes the best porridge it’s really nice and creamy in coffee so I love this a
lot I’ll make a lion’s mane coffee I’ll add in some cinnamon and some milk I
like like a milky drink in the afternoon there’s also Frost really well so I
really like it for that but almond milk in general I use in so many different
ways smoothies porridge recipes adding a splash into like a coffee or making a
latte or even in hamachi and I like this one because it’s got a little bit of
vanilla too so it’s super super delicious but almond milk definitely
something I have let alone every week but every single day next up is what I would probably
consider a my favorite and vegetable and that is broccoli let me know your
favorite vegetable down below but I’m pretty sure mine is broccoli
I just love broccoli I use it in stir fries a lot or I’ll roast it but it’s
one of my go-to like veggies sides because I feel like it’s more hearty
than like just a leafy green like a spinach you need to lot eat a lot to be
full um but broccoli like it’s a little bit more dense so I like it it’s a
cruciferous vegetable which is super good for you because cruciferous
vegetables have AI 3 C which is indole-3 carbinol which helps to balance hormones
and I used to struggle with hormonal acne so for me this helps also to keep
like hormones nice and happy and balanced so cruciferous vegetables in
general are my go-to and I just love love broccoli next up is lemon I love
lemons if you ask me like if I were to have a theme for a party it would be a
lemon themed party because I adore Levan’s
I have lemon water every single morning I’ll slice half up squeeze it into my
water it’s really good on top of any dish or salad squeeze a bit of lemon on
it it’s delicious put it in your water it’s
delicious lemons are also really good in smoothies like green smoothies I
wouldn’t say a chocolate smoothie but green smoothies it adds a really nice
like fresh citrus nough stew the smoothie I really like you can even use
the zest to like just put some on top of your meals on top of like chicken or
fish it tastes super yummy so lemons are
definitely something I buy every single week next up is some avocado
I adore avocados I like making avocado toast I like putting on the side of a
bowl or whatever I’m eating to get some great healthy fats in healthy fats help
keep you full – and stabilize your blood sugar which prevents you from getting
hangry prevents you from like getting that like cravings where you just want
to inhale a bunch of food fats help to stabilize that so you don’t get that it
makes smoothies really creamy and delicious you can even use avocados to
make like brownies and then get this really nice fudgy brownie I believe I
made a recipe on this so I’ll find it and I’ll link it down below because you
can make chocolate brownies for my avocados they’re really so delicious so
I’ll leave that down below avocados are a great fruit just so many
healthy fats lower in carb I’m gonna be honest like if you’ve seen my Instagram
stories you’ve seen me just cut open like half an avocado put a little salt
and eat it with a spoon like I literally heat I’ve caught it with the spoon
because it’s such a good snack so yeah avocados are definitely high up on my
list the next food I eat every week are berries I love berries they’re lower in
sugar fruit compared to other things so every week I’ll usually get whatever is
on sale I like to buy whatever organic berries on sale or if none are then I’ll
go for a frozen berry but either way berries are so delicious because they
are lower in sugar but they have so many great antioxidants and vitamins in them
especially blueberries blueberries are actually really good for your brain
which I feel like a lot of people don’t know the blueberries are super good for
brain health so I’ll put this on top of like sweet potato toast or you know I’ll
put it just drizzle with some nut butter on top and then like some sort of crunch
either granola or cacao nib you guys have seen that healthy snack video you
know what I mean they’re really good they’re good on yogurt balls and they
give a little bit of sweetness but they are lower in sugar fruit which I really
really like the next thing I eat every week are eggs
I love eggs because they are a very quick protein so there’s something that
cooks up really quick for me so I’ll usually do it for like breakfast or
lunch I mean to be honest I’ve had it for dinner – I’ve had breakfast for
dinner but I like eggs because there’s a really
quick protein they’re rich in choline which is good for your brain they are
also a complete protein so they have all the amino acids that you need which
makes it really handy and it’s a really affordable option instead of having like
meat at lunch and dinner I like to like do maybe one as an egg that way you’re
eating less meat but you’re still getting protein um and it’s also more
cost effective because eggs are cheaper than buying like organic or grass-fed
meat all the time so a lot of the time I do reach for eggs next up are greens of
course you knew this was coming I had to include greens I usually like to buy a
spinach arugula blend but this week they were out so I just got plain spinach to
be honest I like buying this like I know the Box version isn’t necessarily the
best because of the plastic but it saves time like it’s already pretty washed and
I can just grab it and like make a quick salad and for me and probably a lot of
you that’s gonna make doing it a lot more realistic coz if I have to wash and
clean the spinach or the Greens oh it’s gonna take time and it may not be as
likely to eat it but this makes it really quick and easy to just eat your
greens I find and I like the blend as well of the spinach and arugula but you
I add this to like most things most of the time my dinners I’ll add a handful
either as the base or on top you guys have seen me do this especially spinach
spinach will wilt down and you can eat a ton of it you can put it into smoothies
you can put it into soups you can put a handful of spinach into pretty much
anything just to up your greens and spinach is
really rich in iron it’s rich in folate it’s got so many good vitamins and
minerals so the darker leafy greens that you can eat the better because they have
more nutrient density I suppose to something like iceberg which is
basically water the next food I eat every week is good
ol sweet potato this one is a Japanese one so it’s white on the inside I kind
of rotate between Japanese and a normal one I just pick whatever piques my fancy
that week but I love making a sweet potato toast with this that’s probably
what I do with sweet potato the most I love like cutting it up baking them as
toast and then I usually keep them in the freezer and then pop them in the
toaster when I want to use it as a toast and I find this is a really great option
for those of you who don’t eat a lot of grains like me or who are gluten-free
it’s a cheaper option than gluten-free bread because you can just slice it up
into sweet potatoes are really affordable and then you can top them
with whatever you like so I do that a lot of the time I’ve even made sweet
potato grilled cheese which is really delicious you just put some dairy free
cheese in between some super thao toast and it’s yummy but of course you can use
it as a side you can use it for so many things you can also bake the sweet
potato you can make a sweet potato brownies so just a really versatile
vegetable but mainly I use it for toasts I just think that’s really like fun and
then you have toast and you have a good complex carb that helps to fill you up
and it’s really good for you too the next food I eat every single week is
almond butter or really any nut or seed butter but I find myself going for
almond butter for the most part I use this in a lot of my dessert recipes too
because it helps to stabilize blood sugar sometimes I have a spoonful is
just as a snack because it’s got great healthy fats loaded with vitamin E
either way this is definitely any kind of nut or seed butter is a staple in my
diet I don’t think I go one day without having it so yummy another hack is to
also store your nut butter upside down so that the oil goes to the top and
that’s like a little storage hack for you guys definitely this is something
that I eat all the time I use my recipes I drizzle some on like yogurt but I also
find myself using it in some savory like asian-inspired dishes so like either
like a homemade Pad Thai or a homemade like peanut curry or almond butter curry
like a paleo spin on a peanut curry that makes sense uh so definitely a staple in
my diet and the next food I eat every week or
rather a liquid is coconut water I have recently fell in love with coconut water
I used to think that I didn’t like coconut water but the last like I would
say month I have been buying it every single week I like this brand in
particular I learned that the reason I didn’t like coconut water was because I
didn’t like certain brands that I had tried so I really like this one I find
it really really really well after workouts I mean I still like my pinch of
Himalayan salt or my trace mineral jobs but there’s just something like I’ll put
coconut water like 50% coconut water and 50% water and I really like it after a
really sweaty workout like spin just find that super super hydrating and it
just makes my muscles feel more replenished and I feel like my body’s
like less weak lethargic after a workout so I’ve been really liking this and I
like that it’s natural I probably I don’t see myself being one of those
people who you know buy a post-workout mix like the powders or something like
that this is just coconut so it’s natural
it’s a real food that’s what I like about it and it’s loaded with like
potassium magnesium and all these wonderful minerals so if you haven’t
tried coconut water yet highly recommend highly recommend this brand as well
because I have been loving it so I hope you guys enjoyed this video please let
me know like one thing down below that you eat every week because I’m really
curious maybe I’ll like start eating that incorporate that into my meals
because I always find it so interesting like other people’s favorite foods
because we’re all so different we all like so many different things if you
haven’t yet and you would like to join the fam subscribe we make lots of
healthy delicious recipes and I’d absolutely love to have you and I’ll
leave my healthy dessert ebook down below in case you guys haven’t
downloaded it yet because it’s free it’s got healthy dessert that tastes good and
so I’m gonna leave that down below I hope you guys are all having a wonderful
day and I will see you in my next video bye guys

39 thoughts on “10 FOODS I EAT EVERY WEEK: healthy food ideas TO TRY!

  1. I would have to say zucchini or cucumber as my favorite vegetable, they’re very versatile and cucumbers are just hydrating

  2. I love carrots with sunbutter dip that has lite olive oil to thin it. Ohhh it's so good. It's been my go to since I've found I can't handle peanut butter anymore.

  3. I would have to say kale. I buy it every week in a big bag pre chopped for like $3. I buy it every week for my rabbit but have been recently using it as a base for my smoothies and now it’s like a daily thing:))

  4. 100% we do all those weekly too! Staples!!! Lol. I also do coconut milk weekly to drink, bell peppers 🤩 and bananas < we can't live without bananas! I use them for smoothies and baking 🤩
    Great video! I like that you gave recipe ideas! If you haven't done mashed sweet potatoes with coconut milk, cinnamon and maple syrup… Seriously de-wish-ish (as my 2-yr-old would say).

  5. Zucchini–super versatile. Also pistachios and cashews! I love to snack on both mixed together. Sometimes with berries too. Blackberry+pistachios=❤

  6. I love broccoli and sweet (snap) peas (especially raw) they are definitely my top two favorites. But I love all vegetables

  7. Love avocados with some sea salt and pepper and eating it with a spoon. Delicious. 🥑😋
    I also eat weekly berries, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, eggs.
    I need to try the sweet potato toast. Do you slice them, roast them, than freeze and toast in toaster??

  8. Mushrooms, kale, spinach, avocados, sweet potatoes, blueberries, and green tea—always on my weekly menu! 😋 Love your content, as always, Liv!!❤❤❤

  9. Butternut squash roasted in salads or bowls. I also love to roast carrots and eat them raw. I add sweet bell pepper (red, orange or yellow) to a lot of soups and stews. Thanks for sharing your favorites!

  10. chickpeas. i cook my own every week and either make hummus (change up flavors) or add to salads or just cook it with water and salt until its extremely soft (pressure cooker)and eat it plain as breakfast or dinner and its actually delicious on its own! sometimes ill add some hot sauce too. ALSO please try and drizzle some honey or maple on ur avocado. its delicious. if u have some nicecream top ur avo with that. it can be a great dessert!

  11. Avocados, celery root (replaces potato hash browns for me), salmon, cucumber, and barley tea are staples for me these days!

  12. That almond milk looks delicious! I’ll have to go grab one for myself, & great video 🙌🏼 My favorite veggie is cauliflower 👏🏼

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