🔴 community discussion about self care when sick

🔴 community discussion about self care when sick

6 thoughts on “🔴 community discussion about self care when sick

  1. Athena, I couldn’t make today’s live discussion but so glad I could listen back to this. So many times I related to what you are saying. And it was so reassuring to just sit here and listen to you share so openly about your journey. And to know that the very things you are struggling with, I am struggling with too. And it gives me a little bit of courage and hope to think back on this and many of your other videos and say to myself, if Athena can continue to take small steps like leave the house, then I can too.
    I so appreciate you, your journey and your channel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. This is a miracle as i got a small reminder on my screen and though not live as you are in Usa and I am in Sweden. What time do you broadcast in usa as I feel nervous first time that i can do this again. I cannot input on chat but see other people commenting and this makes me less alone etc. Anthony

  3. Lovely handwriting. It was nice to sit back and listen.
    I was concerned that my comment on the Pete Walker video might have been troubling or even as you said scary. I did use strong language which usually it's better not to do so. It was from the heart and I was disturbed and gaslit by the reading.
    The genius of reprogramming psychology is that it's similar enough to peoples' experience that they open to it.
    It is an awful day however when the inner children get the news that they are maladaptive coping strategies and bad habits and that they are to be replaced with new pathways. It is no wonder that they withdraw into the coma of unconsciousness. It looks like an obedient child part who is good at training stays forward to run the shop. Fortunately studies have shown that the damage caused by CBT is not permanent and it usually has worn off in a year. The cases where retraining therapy is successful are more worrying.
    I know I am not alone with this viewpoint. It is the RA-MC inner children who are excluded from therapy and are encouraged to vanish. Sometimes they wait patiently for years.

  4. I got sober nearly eleven years ago and one thing i have unlearned and relearned is the meaning of words during my recovery process. Several words come to mind, first the word support, family, i came into recovery with some pretty distorded and dysfunctional meanings to those words. I was so extremely isolated when i found recovery, i definitely believe cptsd leads each of us feeling extremely isolated. Its good to find this group and hope to be more engaged

  5. I was the same way concerning childhood memories, i think i had tried to block it all out, but my drinking got so painful and so bad it forced me to look at some painful truths, then after being sober for three years painful memories started coming to the surface. I remember working the steps feeling like I had created this complete false persona around eight years old just to survive

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