🍁 An English Lesson About the Country of Canada 🍁

🍁 An English Lesson About the Country of Canada 🍁

Hi, Bob the Canadian here. Welcome to this English lesson
on the country of Canada. Many of you have asked me
to do an English lesson on the country that I
call home, so I thought in this video, I would teach
you 20 interesting facts about the country that I
know and love, called Canada. (upbeat guitar music) Canada has two official
languages, English and French. In fact, everything you buy in Canada has an English side and a French side. You can see on this Cheerio box that it says Honey Nut Cheerios
and then on the French side, it says Cheerios au miel et aux noix So in many provinces in
Canada, milk comes in bags. This is a bag of milk. And inside, there are
three smaller bags of milk. If I was out here with another Canadian, I would probably say things like, “It’s pretty bright out here, eh?” Or “It’s pretty cold out here, eh?” Canadians tend to end their sentences, once in a while, with the word eh. One of the most popular
coffee shops in Canada is a place called Tim Horton’s, or as some Canadians
sometimes say, Timmies. Tim Horton’s is a place
where many Canadians go every morning on their way
to work to get a coffee and something to eat for breakfast. Canada is the second largest
country in the world. By the way, the largest country is Russia, and I should say hi to
all of my Russian viewers. But Canada is the second largest. And we have a population
of 37 million people. Actually, a little more than that. About 37 and a half million people. An interesting fact
though, is 66% of Canadians live within 100 kilometers
of the southern border that we share with the United States. I think because Canada
is such a cold country, most of us live as far south as possible so we can stay a little warmer during our cold Canadian winters. Money in Canada is very colorful
and we also have a $1 coin which we call a loonie, because
if you look at a loonie, you’ll see that there is a loon on it, which is a kind of bird that
lives in northern Canada. When the government decided
that we needed a $2 coin, we simply called it a toonie,
because it rhymed with loonie and it was worth $2. It just seemed like a
really good name for it. By the way, did you
know that Justin Bieber, Celine Dion and Shawn
Mendes are all Canadian? I’m sure you’ve heard some
of their songs before. They are some of the greatest talent that Canada has produced. The leader of Canada is
called the prime minister, not the president, by the way. Sometimes, people from other countries mistakenly think that our
leader is called the president. But we call our leader the prime minister. Our current prime minister
is Justin Trudeau. You might recognize him because he might have visited your country in the past, with a trade delegation so
that we can keep relations between our country and your
country in good standing. Canada is divided up into provinces. Not states, like the United States. And we have 10 provinces,
stretching from the Pacific Ocean in the west all the way to the
Atlantic Ocean in the east. I live in the province of Ontario, which is almost right
in the middle of Canada. Provinces are quite large. In fact, our provinces might
be bigger than your country. I’m not trying to brag, but provinces are definitely really,
really big in Canada. The capital of Canada
is a city called Ottawa. And it is a beautiful city. It is located pretty far north,
in the province of Ontario and it’s usually quite
cold there in the winter. If you ever have a chance to
visit our capital, Ottawa, you should do it. It is a beautiful city. I do recommend, though, that
if you don’t like the cold, that you visit it in the
summer, although if you visit it in the winter, you will have
a true Canadian experience. Canada is full of maple trees. There are a lot of maple trees in Canada. In fact, some of the trees
behind me are maple trees. And most of the trees that you see in parks in Canada are maple trees. It’s the reason why we have the maple leaf in the centre of our flag, because there’s just so many
maple trees in Canada. And one of the most popular exports from our country is maple syrup. That’s when they take the
sap from the maple tree and they turn it into a
really sweet and tasty syrup. If you haven’t tried maple
syrup, you should try some. And if you try some, make sure it’s authentic, Canadian maple syrup. Oh, another famous Canadian is this guy who teaches English on YouTube. What’s his name again? I think it’s Bob the Canadian. Okay, I’m not really that famous. But I just wanted to
put this piece in here. We actually have two
official sports in Canada. Our official winter sport is a little game called hockey. You may have seen the
Canadian hockey teams play at the Winter Olympics. They usually do really well. Probably because most of our
rivers, lakes and streams in the winter are frozen
solid and young Canadians have lots of opportunity to
practice the game of hockey. As well, most small towns
have a hockey arena. So the amount of time
that you can spend skating as a young Canadian is
really, really high. Our second official
sport is a summer sport. Our official summer sport
is a game called lacrosse. This is a little different than hockey. If you want to see some
lacrosse, just do a search on YouTube for the game
of lacrosse in Canada and you will be able to find
a game and watch a bit of it. It’s a very interesting game to watch and it’s a very interesting
game to play as well. Canada has a lot of fresh water lakes. In fact, we have over two million fresh water lakes in Canada. And I think because there
are so many lakes and streams and rivers in Canada, and because there is so much fresh water, we have animals like the beaver that live here. The beaver is our national animal. I don’t know if you’ve
ever seen a beaver before. They are really cool. They tend to chop down
trees and they build dams in streams and creeks so
that the water will flood and then they can build a
home in the flooded part of the river or lake. It’s a very interesting animal and it’s our national animal of Canada. So in Canada, taxes are high. Canadians pay a lot of income tax. We pay a lot of sales tax. In general, if you live in Canada, you will pay a lot of tax,
but healthcare is free. So if you break a bone
or you need heart surgery or you’re having a baby, it
is totally free in Canada. Now, the dentist isn’t free. If you need work done on your teeth. And the eye doctor isn’t
free, if you need glasses. But everything else is covered. Mostly because we pay really high taxes. But, I will never complain about the fact that healthcare is free. I had heart surgery. It cost me zero dollars. Sometimes, people think
that Canada’s biggest export is wood, but it’s not. Our biggest export is actually oil. The province of Alberta
actually has huge oil reserves. Canada’s largest trading partner is about 100 kilometers straight that way. I’m pointing south. Can you guess what country is
100 kilometers south of here? It is the United States of America. Well, hey, that was 20 interesting facts about the country of Canada. The country that I know and love. I’m Bob the Canadian and you are learning English
with me here on YouTube. I hope this lesson helped you learn just a little bit more
English and a little bit more about the country of Canada. Remember, if you are new
here, don’t forget to click that red subscribe button over there and give me a thumbs up if
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English and while you’re here, why don’t you stick around
and watch another video. (upbeat guitar music)

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