🌀️ Getting My Life Together: My Self Care Themes & Manifesto for 2019

commit to yourself and something much
much bigger than yourself own who you are and what you do despite
the possibility of judgment and failure be consistent in the mundane so you have
a greater shot at making magic happen and always always remember your North
Star stay focused stay grounded and stay humble this is my wish for 2019 I’ve somehow convinced myself
from an early age that if you never commit to anything
you’ll never really fail because how can you lose something
you’ve never wanted to being with? how can you get hurt by something
you don’t care about? and how can you disappoint yourself when
you have no expectations to begin with? but if not committing to something
means you’ll never fail you’ll never get hurt and you’ll never disappoint.. it also means that you’re staying stagnant exactly where you are exactly where you have been I’d like to believe that if we’re not moving
forward we’re moving backwards so this year I’m gonna push myself past my fears
and fully commit to myself commit to taking better care of myself commit to being more diligent with my spiritual practice commit to being a better friend and commit to dreaming immensely
with work and my channel despite the possibility of failing,
being hurt, and disappointed comfort is nice and all but growth
is so much better and so much more fulfilling I read this paraphrase quote
from Charlie Munger a self-made multi billionaire and the right-hand man of Warren Buffett a while ago on success “you just get up early in the morning,
you work really hard… you learn something every day,
you put one foot in front of the other… and if you live long enough eventually
you get what you deserve.” I love how the emphasis is more
on being consistent something that’s internal
and within our control and less about the end result something external and something
outside of our control we can put in the hours,
we can put in the heart but the outcome isn’t
really for us to decide the more were able to
stay consistent the more were allowed the possibility for
magic and the extraordinary to happen speaking of majik *giggles* meejeek speaking of making magic happen… I’m not entirely sure what’s
in store for me this year but my intuition is telling
me to buckle down and physically and mentally
brace myself no matter what the
year brings no matter how shiny and glittery and
alluring the distractions may get I want to always always
remember my North Star stay ground it in my “why”
and.. to.. you know if I’m in need of some pick-me-up
or wake up call to call mom and dad because they always have the answer and
they’ll always put me back on track and you guys can keep me accountable too πŸ™‚ so with that being said,
thank you guys for making 2018 my best year yet
of my 27 short years on this earth and I wish you guys ahhhn
*AAAAHHNN* (mispronounced lol) I wish you guys is an awesome
awesome new year and.. that.. you have your
best year yet in 2019 because I don’t know! I think this is a uh a.. a lot of my friends and
a lot of people.. have expressed this feeling
and this thought and this.. mutual understanding that 2019
is gonna it’s probably gonna be
a pretty good year I my guts kind of
telling me that and with that yes this video is a
combination of the Jeju vlog and my manifesto and
I hope you guys enjoyed!

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