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Traditionally, discuss with you the most interesting
and not boring news from the world of health and medicine,
accumulated over the last month! Hello my good! In this issue: sugar equated
to full Narcotic substances; It found
love and sex influence on the human body; advice
Rospotrebnadzor, public countries, it is advisable not to rest
this fall to save health; why walking
improves mood and more more. Male vegetarians smell
most pleasant. Australian experts
We learned how nutrition affects the smell of a man’s body. Examining this relationship, they
concluded that the smell the body can be made more attractive
for representatives of the opposite floor. Attractive to women
the smell of a man’s body do fruits and vegetables. An experiment was conducted:
a group of women offered to evaluate the smell of T-shirts,
that previously engaged sports men. Ie estimated natural
the smell of male sweat. It was known,
which foods prevail in the diet of male participants
floor. It turned out, women more
just I liked the smell of sweat Men who ate the day before
vegetables and fruits. But the smell of men who
We ate a lot of meat and refused from plant foods, attracted
Women less likely up to disgust. In general, the smell of vegetarians
He considered as the most enjoyable. Plants transformed in factory
for the production of vaccines. The scientists used the plant,
to get the vaccine against polio. This work may change
manufacturing processes and other vaccines. This is a simple, cheap and fast
method. In theory it is possible to teach
plants to produce vaccines against viruses or Zika
Ebola. Polio vaccine,
in question, recalls poliovirus, but without filling. That is, apparently she has
all features and properties, allowing train
immunity. Lack of filling guarantees
vaccine safety. The vaccine is produced by plants
– a relative of tobacco. To achieve this result,
scientists had to change plant metabolism. First, they created a material
to the genetic code, which would allow to form
an outer shell poliovirus. His efforts to connect with
material from other viruses, usually infect plants. This material, more precisely
instructions placed in soil bacteria, which
infected plant. Infection rooted plant
“Read” the genetic instructions and began producing
vaccine – particles, resembling virus. Leaves of the plant mixed
with water, and then from a mixture of highlight Done vaccine. Its tested on animals
and compared with the original virus. It turned out, for the three-dimensional
structure virus vaccine They were virtually identical,
which explains the efficiency latest. Sugar equated to a full-fledged
Narcotic substances. Employees Heart Institute
St. Luke came to the conclusion: Sugar is addictive
and is a narcotic means like cocaine
on produced effect. Sugar alters mood,
It gives pleasure, provokes man on the search of sweet. For example, it has been found
that mice often make choices in favor of the anti-sugar
drug. According to scientists, a carbohydrate
It is stronger dependence than alkaloids. Parents can advance
ensure the success of the child at school. New research
New York University, showed that training at home
conditions in the early years child’s life significantly
affects its achievements at school. Thus, children whose parents
provide them with training materials (Books, developing
toys), are involved in learning and talking
with them on important topics with infancy or early
childhood, before developing cognitive ability. Due to this, such children
I do well in school. Scientists followed a group
children from birth to five class and found that
Early Learning at home conditions contributed
the development of cognitive functions in children. Three main factors,
a positive effect on the development of speech and other
abilities were part children in learning activities,
interaction quality between children and parents,
the availability of teaching materials (Eg, books, and toys). Experts told how
love and sex influence body. Psychologists have found: sex
useful for the human brain. Love is also useful, but
differently. Love makes man
stupider, and sex – smarter. The reason lies in the peculiarities
biochemical processes, which are at different states
stimulate the production of in the body differ
by hormones properties. So, love, “disconnects”
part of the brain, associated with cognitive
functions. However, parallel to amplify
Creative skills and improved emotional
background. But sex, on the contrary,
improves cognitive ability. During sex increases
dopamine levels, in addition to other things, has a positive impact
memory. And the observation for the elderly
people have kept sexual Activity confirm
the presence of elevated concentrations of dopamine. a new generation of robots
inverted representation of antibiotic treatment. microscopic robots
the future of medicine. This convinced officials
University of California. They have successfully tested
such devices to treat mice. With their help specialists
delivered antibiotics into mice with bacterial
infection in the stomach. And the technique was successful
significantly higher than oral preparations. It is well known: the gastric juice
is able to suppress the activity some antibiotics. But micro-robots used
gastric juice as fuel. Their core magnesium reacts
juice, forming bubbles. This not only provides
movement of the robot, but also reduces acidity. In itself, the movement improves
indicators stay antibiotics on pavement
stomach, which accumulate bacteria. After one day, the level of acidity
returns to its original, and micro-robots are dissolved,
leaving no unpleasant consequences. Which countries Rospotrebnadzor
not advised to opt for vacation this fall. First and foremost refrain
from trips to Asia. Vietnam is an epidemic
threat due to increased the risk of infection with fever
Dengue. Here, since the beginning of the year already
It recorded more than 80,000 of cases (24
people died). According to Rospotrebnadzor,
in the capital of Vietnam (Hanoi) 13,000 registered patients. most
cases noted in the cities – Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. Recommendations are also issued
against India. In this country there
alarming situation with the flu. registered here
more than 2,000 cases of diseases influenza A / H1N1. Of these, more than 600 cases
ended lethally. The lion’s share of cases
and dead falls on Mumbai, Maharashtra,
Gujarat, Kerala, Rajasthan. Who is free of charge
population immunization flu, disinfection
public places, public awareness
on prevention. But the local population
hurry to get vaccinated against flu and later turns
medical help already infected. This reduces the preventive
measures to naught. Flu epidemic may go
on the decline after the monsoon season (autumn). Rospotrebnadzor advises
before a trip to India for two to three weeks prior to departure
in this country to be vaccinated against influenza. Already arrived at the scene, in places
crowded you should use the medical
mask, wash your hands at the hotel with soap and water. In the US, “woke up” the bubonic
plague, new facts infection of humans and animals
this disease. According to the Arizona department
Ministry of health from the plague in July – August
this year killed wild dogs. In this case, the Veterinary Service
New Mexico reported that since the beginning of this year,
in the region on August 11 registered 22 cases of plague infection
squirrels and three – in humans. The majority of incidents
accounted for Arizona and New Mexico. As for so much
bloated in the press situation relative in Turkey
Due to coxsackievirus, employees Rospotrebnadzor
and intend Rostourism check it personally. Conduct checks in places,
where the greatest recorded the number of hits. CPS assures
that closely monitors each disease case
Russian tourists We went to Turkey after
11th August. Also, according to the head of department,
tour operators, and agents companies that have not notified
travelers of the threat will be punished. According to information on the
September 4, from July this , nearly 60 Russians (mostly
children) infected with the virus Coxsackie in the province of Antalya. Another 11 August, Russian
side recognized conditions in southern Turkey unsafe
for tourists. The Federal Tourism Agency supported
this decision. The virus is not afraid of low
temperature and stored in water. The virus mainly affects
young children when hit water, food, dirty through
toys, hand. Rospotrebnadzor strongly
Travel tips to consider this situation when planning
trips. Supercomputer from China
breaks records in accuracy and setting speed diagnoses. Chinese scientists have developed a
a robotic system, diagnosed in humans
a range of diseases. create an artificial
intelligence analyzes the patient’s symptoms. It then determines the diagnosis
and offers the best a method of treatment. Accuracy made artificial
intelligence diagnoses 20% higher than with standard
diagnostic methods. practical application of the idea
is as follows: computer checks the symptoms of the patient and immediately
also defines the diagnosis, and the doctor must then
only confirm the diagnosis. It has been proven: the system
is able to deliver in 4.8 seconds 100 patients with diagnoses
up to 98%. The computer also offers
the best method of treatment. He has data
tens of millions of stories diseases. It is known that created
a special template for determining 30+
disease (e.g., tuberculosis or depression) with a certain
the percentage of incorrect diagnoses. In addition to the analysis already pledged
information system collects experience and self-developing. Every two weeks the program
trained to diagnose new disease. What is the flu this fall
Russians will tear. The flu epidemic in the
the Russians will not be able avoid warns
Rospotrebnadzor head Anna Popova. In the current epidemic
season the Russians may face just four strains
Influenza virus. It is expected the arrival of the new
strain of swine influenza A (H1N1) and the two previous options
Influenza A virus (H3N2). The seasonal vaccine is included
Hong Kong flu last year’s influenza virus variant
B. Popov says: “It is necessary to
vaccinated. This year from the federal
budget allocated money to immunize more than
40% of the total population of the Russian Federation, will be money even from budgets
entities, municipalities, but also private money. That is, the number of population,
which this year will be vaccinated against the flu,
can not be less than 45%. Hope will be even greater. ” It is important to understand that vaccinations
last year will not protect from the new strain. Enter the first plane
dangerous. Many airlines first
put in a passenger plane first class, and then
invite others. New research
the University of Arizona, showed that this method
planting significantly increases likely to spread
diseases. The risk increases even
if all sick one man. According to the researchers,
Half the passengers should go on a plane Front,
and half – back. Because of this, passengers
be contacted on 27% less. Internet addiction
dangerous for the brain. According to experts from
India, Internet addiction closely linked with irritability,
anxiety, obsessive thoughts and actions. In addition, it affects
on the relationship with other people and the general state of
health. experts compare
Internet addiction drug addiction. Scientists say: start
real epidemic of Internet addiction. People spend a lot of time
on the Internet, looking for different information. Due to the information received
neural networks associated with cognitive functions
constantly activated. This increases the risk of impulsiveness
and problems with working memory. Internet addiction affects
a number of brain regions, including hippocampus (memory center)
striatum associated with the award, and the prefrontal
cortex, responsible for a number of important functions. Those most at risk of negative
depending consequences from the internet are subject to
children and adolescents, as their brains are rapidly developing. If you want to lose weight, weigh yourself
everyday. With such a recommendation made
Dr. Megan Batrin of Drexel University. It helps control weight
people abandon harmful food and pushes them to a healthy
lifestyle. The fact that people are very
important small victories – changes in weight. This daily positive
reinforce healthy behavior. An experiment was conducted
with 294 women with different weight. At the beginning of the study
measured body fat percentage and body mass index. Checking through repeated
six months and two years. Also, women told
how often they were weighed. On average, if a woman
It weighed at least once in the day, she rarely gained
the weight. And her body mass index was
lower than that of the others. And it was true
even when the woman was originally
considerably increased weight. A powerful alternative to antibiotics
It was found domestic scientists. Russian experts
Novosibirsk work on the preparations of bacteriophages
new generation and cocktails of them. This, they said, would be
soft and safe alternative antibiotics. It should be noted that two years ago
the bacterium was discovered, resistant to colistin
– antibiotic last the line of action. And cases of infection with bacteria
Multidrug resistance reveal
punctually. All this makes scientists
look for alternatives to antibiotics. bacteriophages are
are viruses that kill bacteria, but do not infect
human cells. Their widespread use has begun
even in pre-war USSR. In nature, there are about
10 to 31 degree bacteriophages. Each of them has an average
size of about 50 nanometers. Recently, the Institute staff
Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine of the Russian Academy of Sciences identified
New bacteriophages as a against traditional pathogens,
and against the recently circulated infectious agents. These bacteriophages have already
save syndrome patients diabetic foot from
amputation. Also Novosibirsk researchers
We were able to cure diseases respiratory complex
sexually transmitted infections, gastrointestinal infections
tract caused by resistant bacteria. According to domestic
scientists, modern drugs based on bacteriophages
will be on sale 2025. Walking improves your mood. employees of the University of
Iowa found: enough walk a few
minutes to mood improved. The fact that the movement
we associate with search food and rewards. In three experiments took
Hundreds of students participated, did not know the purpose of the study. First and second members
experiments were walking in for 12 minutes on campus
with others or go the university building
by oneself. Other groups looked
photo or video similar walking across campus or
University housing. Scientists have found that
volunteers who walking, the mood was
better. The positive effect was observed
even those members of the second The study, which before
walk frightened, saying, they will need later
write an essay on two pages. In the third experiment,
students for 10 minutes We watched a video about the gallery
Saatchi. The first group sat second
I stood, and the third went on a treadmill. The researchers found:
those students who went, the mood turned
better than that of the participants of the other two groups. And today it all! Do not be ill! subscribe to the channel
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