This year this summer
It came much later calendar. Nevertheless, I hope,
that many of my viewers We have already visited on
nature and recharge your health under the healing rays of summer
the sun! And here, let and with a slight delay,
overview of the most traditional interesting and not boring
news from the health world Medicine and accumulated
over the past month. Hello, my darlings!
Today, the next issue “Neskuchnyi health”
tell us what drones that trigger heart
after a stop in the near future Time may be replaced
first aid; how is preparation for the world’s first
transplant human heads; why fidzhet-spinners
may be hazardous to health children; how to get rid of
habit of eating at night, and more more.
Therapeutic vaccines vegetables instead inverted modern
medicine. American genetics used
unconventional approach in making medicines. Employees
Thompson Institute for leadership of Hyu Meysona
DNA introduced into an ordinary potato gene that
encodes a protein found in the liver of patients with viral
hepatitis B have been carried out Experiments with mice.
It turned out after animals were genetically
modified potato, appeared in the blood of rodents
antibody and began forming immunity directly
against viral hepatitis. This is the first step on an empty
creation of edible vaccines, which can relieve
of painful injections Horizontal and tablets. In theory,
Using this approach, possible to obtain products,
rescues from various ailments. According to scientists, it will increase
the effectiveness of the fight against epidemics. Especially
edible vaccines are relevant for developing countries,
where there is an urgent need vaccination and have a problem
the storage of conventional vaccines. Preparations for the first in the world
transplant human heads It is in full swing. In past
It was a broad discussion started an ambitious plan to transplant
a man’s head. And recently, surgeon Sergio Kanavero,
finally demonstrated, that the protocol developed by him
Gemini for transplantation head It allows you to splice the dorsal
brain and back motor activity. The protocol used
in experiment 15 rats (9 – main group and 6 – control).
According to the protocol used glycol injection
for splicing nerve spinal cord fibers.
As part of the test animals an incision was made in the field of
spinal cord. Then came a three-day course of antibiotics.
As a result, in all rats main group of recovered
physical activity. 28 days after surgery
interference animals They started their own
move. In addition to using polyethylene glycol, a secret
success splicing spinal cord lies
in the smoothness of the fiber cut. Recall: the first idea
transplant human heads Italian surgeon announced
in 2013. Those wishing to become volunteers found
not right away. The first patient the surgeon was to be
Russian Valery Spiridonov, who suffers from a genetic
disease. But after surgeon changed plans and
Now the first patient It will be 62-year-old Chinese man.
It is reported that the operation scheduled for December this
of the year. Fidzhet-spinners can be
dangerous to the health of children. Fidzhet-spinners are now
meet us at every step: they are full of stalls,
someone turns them on your finger or get this thing out of
pocket. Companies that produce fidzhet-spinners,
They claim that they help relieve stress and anxiety
and can help children with attention deficit
and hyperactivity, focus Attention. But activist
Protection of the environment San Francisco Tamara
Rubin this spring checked spinners on content
lead and mercury. results checks may be carried out
shock. Ruby – Independent expert on prevention
pollution of environment – first test
three fidzhet-spinner sent her friend on the X-ray fluorescence
spectrometer. two devices were safe, but in the third
It proved an increased content lead and mercury. paint on
LED spinner It contained a high content of
lead and mercury. later Rubin I checked six spinners
and in one of them gained on a special
site selling similar toys, also found
a significant amount lead – 42 800 mg / kg. She noted,
that not all consumers have access to the X-ray fluorescence
spectrometer, the cost of which is on the market
up to 50 000 dollars, therefore recommends activist
do not buy or spinners make it part of analogue
children’s designer. In addition to the potential content
harmful substances Viewed toys can hide and other
hazard. Kelli Rouz Dzhonek Houston is divided on Facebook
their experiences in the hope it will serve as a warning
other parents about the dangers of craze. She is
He was on his way home on Saturday in the afternoon, when she heard that
her 10 year old daughter Brittany pants in the back seat.
Mom reached out and found that her daughter had swallowed one
of the bearings from the spinner. unsuccessfully trying
knock out a small piece receiving via metal
Heymliha, drove Dzhonek Brittany to the nearest hospital.
X-ray revealed the presence of foreign body – round
metal bearing in the esophagus. In his post,
Dzhonek wrote: “Brittany It was held endoscopic
operation to find and remove the object. Fortunately,
Operation result is positive, although the expectation was enough
Fears were terrible … related not only to the initial
asthma attacks daughter but also with what materials
is an object (not will Are they harmful to health)
its forms and consequences general anesthesia. ” David
Anderson- Ph.D., clinical psychologist Institute
children’s intelligence, in interview to Business Site
Insider shared his thoughts on this subject: “Fidzhet-spinners
– this new crazy enthusiasm. You have a couple of
hand, a small device, which revolves until
You keep it. they are easy to buy and sell to each
corner, and it should be such piece to be
cool in the eyes of others. BUT it is a toy, not therapy. ”
While there is absolutely no scientific studies
which would be demonstrated Clinical effect of the
fidzhet-spinners. Question security newfangled
Toy is not discussed only abroad. In July
Rospotrebnadzor said the intention to test the effect of
Spinners on children’s health. How should develop
relationship with alcohol. Dr. Nikola Geyts of
University of New South Wales believes that the use
alcoholic beverages should be according to several rules.
Firstly, many people underestimate the amount of alcohol consumed.
Therefore, it is critical adequately assess the alcoholic
beverages. Many say that drinking one glass
wine for the evening. But someone It pours nearly to the brim,
and someone – a tenth of the volume. People should not be a day
may consume more than two standard drinks (drink). And one
drink – 10 grams of alcohol (100 milliliters of wine average
Fortress). The stronger the drink, the lower the permissible amount.
It is also important to arrange a rest from alcohol.
It is necessary to remember that alcohol – toxin. A weekend without
alcohol can give a real liver a chance to recover.
By the way, alcohol interferes in nutrient uptake
substances that can affect on hormones. making
break in alcohol consumption, it is important to find a substitute for alcohol.
This is especially true If a person drinks to
relax. A company Friends are invited to drink
soft drink of wine glasses. And for
these small changes behavior must be
praise himself. Doctors want to give men
the joy of motherhood, grafting the uterus. Female transgender,
originally born men, You should have access to the operations
of uterus transplantation for a subsequent pregnancy,
British doctors are confident. According to Dr. Hamel
Algrani University Liverpool, in theory transplant
the uterus can all comers experience the joy of motherhood,
including nontraditional men orientation and heterosexual
men. This proposal It met with strong resistance
by critics who urged not to waste
valuable donor material. Moreover, it undermines
fundamentals of motherhood. what that transplanting and nurturing
baby man may, Gynecologists say for a long time.
However, it should pass years 10, before such procedures
get spread. At the moment, doctors
just tested a transplant uterine women born
without that authority. From 2014 At least five children were
born to women deprived of their Born from the womb. they were saved
donor organs transplanted at the University of Gothenburg.
By the way, at the end of the year the British doctors are going to run
transplant program donor mares least
three women. A professor Steven Veyers from University
Hospital of Ghent (Belgium) It is going in the near future
time to transplant a uterus 20 women. Concerning
transgender, the doctors already retain biological
material (ova, sperm) these people in the event,
if in the future they want get genetically related
child. Unique doll easily
recognizes the emotions of children. The toy is capable of identifying
eight emotions, including joy and sadness. The doll
set small Camera and chip created
University staff Castilla-La Mancha. Unlike
other similar toy, new doll no need to connect
Internet. That is, there is no Privacy threat
information. The chip can run toys algorithms artificial
intelligence. For its functioning We need a small battery.
The chip costs less than 130 dollars. Scientists are still working
on doll that recognizes emotions. Information on how
when it goes on sale, not yet. previously, pediatricians
told what toys harmful to children. Study,
from the University Northern Arizona, showed:
electronic toys, which say, go, lose
music and emit different sounds inhibit children
the development of language skills. And many of these toys,
By the way, positioned as teaching. A visit to the grocery
store can end contamination of dangerous bacteria.
Grocery cart in a supermarket bears several
hundreds of times more bacteria than the handle on the toilet, show
Laboratory tests conducted in USA. Three quarters of the bogies,
exposed group analysis American researchers,
had on its surface deadly bacteria
E. coli and salmonella. Carts were tested in normal
grocery stores, in budget stores,
in expensive stores and a huge supermarket.
Most bacteria found carts of the budget
stores (270 times more bacteria than on the handle in
toilet). But, surprisingly, in large supermarkets
bacteria was smaller (but still there were
3 times more than in the kitchen table). The best thing
coped truck from expensive stores (there were so many
the same bacteria as in the computer keyboard). But at the same time
almost 29% of the identified microorganisms We were in the bacilli,
associated with food poisoning. By the way, more than 90% Gram
bacteria discovered almost 75% of trucks are considered
harmful to people and the majority of types are resistant to antibiotics.
They cause pneumonia, venereal diseases,
including gonorrhea. Concerning Gram-positive bacteria,
that they accounted for 24% of the detected carts
microorganisms. They are standing for skin infections, sepsis.
Among other things, on trucks It was found dangerous
fungi. Drones that trigger heart
after stopping, may replace an ambulance.
Swedish researchers Karolinska Institutet
demonstrated a unique drone designed specifically
to transport the defibrillator. Drone gets to a person
cardiac arrest four times faster than any “emergency”
on that bet. Drone speed reaches
80 kilometers per hour, and the radius coating – about 10 kilometers.
The air after preparation an alarm signal can drone
up to 3 seconds. The experiments showed that
drone was getting in 5 minutes 21 seconds for a patient to
which “fast” riding to 22 minutes. Developers
I hope that ordinary people, passers-by will be able to learn
Defibrillator with support physicians over the phone. Time
first aid in cases of cardiac arrest
critical. each minute of delay reduces
chances of survival by 10%. If stimulation is performed
in the first 3-5 minutes after heart failure in 70% of cases
this means saved a life. How to get rid of the habit
there at night. research conducted by researchers from the
Harvard and Oregon universities, showed
that circadian rhythms cause people have a sweet, salty
and starchy foods in later Times of Day. This is probably
It helped our ancestors to survive, when food was scarce. but
today night snacks only harm the figure. specialists
say: not to eat at night, you need to eat breakfast.
Researchers found that people who who eat breakfast are less likely to
overweight and overeat later during
day. Still, experts say, day it is important to eat
enough protein and fiber. A dinner must be balanced
and not too early. Also Scientists advise not to carry out
night too long in front of TV,
tablet or smartphone. This pastime
It is closely linked to overeating. In addition, experts
recommended to keep a diary power. should be recorded
eaten the products and their feelings. If a bite to eat
pushing stress or boredom, next time better to choose
another way to deal with them. Prayer can strengthen
health of older adults. Scientists from the University of
Baylor analyzed data 1024 people aged
65 years. participants were divided into three groups. first
group includes Christians, the second – non-religious
people who were Christians in the past, and the third – those
who never believed in God. The researchers found:
perception of God determined the effect of prayer. In particular,
Prayer helped only the elderly who
They believed that God protects And he comforted them, when will
needed. And those who are in it I did not believe it ended up being
the risk of problems mental health
in spite of the prayers. specialists note that faith in love
God is most needed the elderly, faced
with different illnesses, age discrimination, loss
friends and the deterioration of the material situation due to the release
on retire. Religion reduces such people have stress. Sleeping off at the output,
you can lose weight. a lack of Sleep hormone breaks
balance and metabolism, It increases the risk of obesity,
hypertension, coronary heart diseases. People with lack of sleep
often consume more food (constantly snack)
and less likely to move. But, I lie down on the weekend,
may recover balance. Korean scientists
have linked the longer people slept, the
below its Body Mass Index. But we are talking about the full
sleep, not the habit of napping. During sleep, the body repairs
All key systems and function. Therefore, at the weekend
days really better some sleep. In support
provides information about 2000 people from 19 to 82 years.
People interested their height, weight, quality
and routine of sleep, mood and disease. About 43% of people
sleeping longer on weekends (Approximately 2 hours). their index
body weight was 22.8 compared with those who
not slept (here indicator It was 23.1). each additional
hour of sleep lowered the index 0.12.
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