Лучшие места здоровой пищи в Киеве. #VISITKYIV

Лучшие места здоровой пищи в Киеве. #VISITKYIV

-Burgers, fried potatoes – No! – Vegan yogurt.
– I saw it in some kind of Indian movie. Excellent alternative to some kind of shawarma. Healthy lunch. -You are eating so appetizing! – Juicy meat steaks, burgers, fried fried potatoes – NO! My name is Anton Taranenko and you are watching Visit Kyiv. Let’s go! Today a beautiful girl and food blogger – Lisa Gacko – will be my guide to the world of healthy food. -Hello! – You look great as always!
– Thanks! – Listen, for example, I am used to eat meat, fried potatoes or something juicy, you know burgers, hot dogs. – I’ll tell you so that healthy food can be delicious, too. -We are at the restaurant “Lucky”, it is “Goodwine” and it’s just famous for very appetizing and healthy breakfasts. -What did you order us? – So look, I’ve chosen vegan yogurt that is how it is called. Why vegan? Because oatmeal is presoaked in coconut milk. It is cool, it is useful, it envelops the stomach. Here we also have peppermint oil, we have coconut shavings, almond shavings. I have porridge from dates and flax seeds, goji berries, strawberries and also mint oil. Guys, this is something between a rib eye steak and like and like. Let’s try again… and sweet suluguni. – Do you feel that there are no sweeteners? – It has such a very interesting consistency. By the way, few people know that chia seeds which are now so trendy are the same as flax seeds. Only 4 times cheaper! You dish is more like yogurt, right? – Aha.
– I have the exactly kind of breakfast which can be served even to the children! – Listen, this place is kind of, we have come earlier, we have come earlier, and it opens from 10 o’clock and all the tables are already practically taken. – So, what do we have here?
– It is, as I recall, raspberry tea. I wanted something interesting, with pink pepper, here all the teas are like this. They are quite unusual. Listen, well, let’s drink to our breakfast then!
– Sure! – What will we try with you this time? You’ve brought some shavings and sprouts again. – Guys, I don’t know what is this, but the last time I saw it in some kind of Indian movie. -It is bowl – a very trendy theme now. This base is a frozen banana, it is whipped, well, in this case, these are acai berries, here are raspberries, I guess. It should be sweet and sour, plus here is dark chocolate, almonds, coconut shavings. It must be tasty and useful. I made fun of you, I don’t know how you feel about this, but now it is a hype theme, is a the matcha latte! – Oh, I like this thing!
– Like – Yes, and I also like these matcha latte sweet with green milk inside.
– And what do you have? – Cappuccino from oatmeal milk. It is my favorite. – From oatmeal milk? Is it just low-calorie?
– No, it is without lactose and made from oatmeal. – And what is it?
– It’s just ordinary smoothie, there are banana, strawberry and apple juice in it. -Well, kind of green tea with milk. -This is a Japanese tea a and it adds energy as cool as coffee, that is, if you want follow the healthy path you can replace coffee with a matcha. – Uhmmm, cold – Yes, well, I’ve told you, there is frozen banana! – First tip – eat in very small portions. – Momo is the third restaurant today, and also healthy food. Let’s go. – Lisa, I’ve taken a big basket.
– In order to choose for sure. – As I understood it is a restaurant of healthy food and also a food market of healthy food.
– Yes, you can take away products. – Well, let’s choose – Take lemonade to try, ok. – I suggest to try falafel. Vegan. – Have you tried sandwich with tuna? – 85 UAH. – Look, guys. – Yes, look, what a filling.. chicken .. – Yes, let’s take a try. – 465 UAH.
– Great. – Chicken bowl. – And I’ll take falafel.
– Oh, it is so warm. Guys… uhmm Guys… uhmm – Steamed cutlet or something… that is very tasty. In so doing, I’ll tell you, it it is very nutritious. I have bitten twice but this is the third restaurant. Well, yes Well, yes – And the falafel is good. Well, it is a cold dish, it’s a snack, it’s a vegetarian dish. Try it – Look, there is enough of filling .. mmmm – This is a great alternative to some kind of shawarma around the corner.
– Greasy, small but greasy. – Wow, they are so tight, yes – It’s kind of… Loysha Kostylev! Ninja Sushi, look .. This is Big Ninja Sushi with chicken. – While you are chewing I have news for you, for your subscribers. Today are going to present a certificate to MOMO. – Of 500 UAH? Yes! -Which will open soon, I won’t tell you yet where it is. I was told where it is but I won’t tell you. – New establishment Momo will be in Kiev.
– One more! – Let people write what kind of healthy food they eat, or or where they do it, I mean, new places, or, for example, give recommendations.
– And we will choose with Anton the coolest comment. And you’ll get 500 UAH. Everything we’ve ordered, we’ve ordered for 465 UAH. In short, come here and the three of you can really eat well. – And this is not all yet. We have two very cool gifts, again, guys, for you, from the Kyiv Dry Jam company. These are candied fruits. Everyone knows that Kyiv Dry Jam began its history precisely here in Kyiv precisely here on Podil. Guys, this dry jam will be taken to he or she who will point out in the comments the year of the first mention about Kyiv’s dry jam in Kyiv. – Well, what awe are at the last but not the least restaurant for today and the most premium restaurant in Kyiv – Veranda on the Dnieper. – What are we eating today?
– Mozzarella made by our cheese factory with Uzbek tomatoes, Ligurian and Kalamata rabbit baked in pumpkin with bulgur and vegetables, pheasant bouillon with quail eggs and carrots, and pasta with seafood – cuttlefish, scallop, and shrimp. – Bouillon is cool, nourishing. – Uhmmmm… Guys, this is not only very tasty but also very useful.
-Yes. -Unreal. -Spaghetti. It is often thougt that spaghetti is not useful, not cool/ People are afraid for some reason of carbohydrates. No, these are exactly the carbohydrates you need to eat for dinner plus when they are compatible with protein. So, here we have seafood, is very cool, it is nutritious, , it energizes, it’s good.
– That is, if we are talking about lunch then spaghetti and pasta is ok? – This is ok even for breakfast and lunch.- This is our Ukrainian porridge? Bulgur? – Yes, yes, it is polished wheat. – That is, this is our wheat, just cooked differently. – Cool. That’s really very tasty. – Have you seen their cheese factory? – No.
– Real cheese factory that produces fresh cheeses. – Right here?
– Right here. That is, you’ve ordered and a very nice girl makes you such a delicious cheese, which I am going try right now. – This is mozzarella, right? – It more looks like burrata to me, so soft. – We have three types of cheese, mozzarella, burrata, stracciatella. – Umm, this is unreal tasty, this is unreal tasty, friends! – Fast blitz, very fast, ready?
– Yes. – Burger or granola – Ha-ha-ha, burger. – Okay.
– Pasta or buckwheat?
– What?
– Pasta or buckwheat? – Pasta.
– Squat or yoga? – Damn, I do not know, b both yoga and squat. After the squat is yoga. – Ok, your establishment in Kyiv by the criterion “price/quality”.
– Satori Lounge. – Early breakfast or late supper. – Early breakfast – White wine or red wine – Well, recently it is red wine. -Okay, thank you. – Anton cannot calm down. He wants to give you presents, so from the Narodniy Dim Ukraine the best souvenir house of Ukraine he will raffle what? – We will raffle gifts in the amount from 300 hryvnia at your choice. You come to the shop Narodniy Dim Ukraine which is located on the Proreznaya Street and choose any present for you. Leave comments about what you would like to see in the next issue. What kind of guest would you like us to invite? Friends, we end this issue on this positive note. Subscribe, put likes and see you next week!

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  1. Where are the english subtitles man….?? Although I love to see your videos but i cannot understand until it has english subtitles…!!😂 😂

  2. 1386 – згадка про сухе варення. Заклад здорової їжі One Planet.

  3. Thanks, it was great video! Now i know healthy places in kyiv)
    Veranda very interesting restaurant, I will visit this place next time)

  4. Вітаю від Профспілки українців, які працюють у Польщі! Спочатку хочу подякувати за чудовий репортаж і реалізацію ідеї залучення нових потоків туристів до Києва, столиці України! Від себе рекомендую навідатися у ресторан Царське Село, неподалік від Києво-Печерської Лаври. В меню цього ресторану багато страв, які підійдуть до будь-якого смаку і "шлунку". Неодноразово відвідував цей заклад з гостями з Польщі – усі залишились задоволеними якістю і цінами. Серед "здорових" страв у меню ресторану хочу виокремити салати (салат "Зелений город" зі свіжайшими огірками, зеленню і м'ятою), овочеве асорті на мангалі (туди входять баклажани, болгарський перець, помідори, шампіньйони). Гості з Польщі завжди хочуть спробувати щось з української кухні і залишаються вкрай задоволеними "Борщиком по-домашньому", який готують без зажарки з додаванням телятинки. Це дуже смачно і не шкодить здоров'ю. Навіть, навпаки – смачно і корисно!

  5. Вкусный healthy food в b12candy bar:) лучший сыр кешью , сендвич с кешью сыром, веганский синабон:) nebos cafe так же офигенное, буррито с гуакамоле оно вообще сыроедческое:)

  6. Нравятся bowl-формат в кафе Цветочная лавка. А еще там очень красивый интерьер )

  7. Очень вкусно в Yaro! Не знаю, как они делают такой мэджик, и какой наркотик входит в состав их вкусняшек, но за это можно продать душу)))

  8. Спасибо за обзор столь интересных мест в нашем городе. Нужно будет обязательно посетить хотя бы одно из них. Из здоровой еды больше всего люблю смузи. Летом постоянно готовлю для себя и семьи. Как-то заграницей угостили смузи из кактуса – внезапно оказалось очень вкусно. Пока что в Киеве не видела в меню заведений такого напитка, но надеюсь, что появится. А любителям смузи рекомендую посетить S-bar на Львовской площади. Девочки там готовят классические смузи из ананаса, манго, персика, а также экспериментируют с добавками. Пробовали смузи из огурца со шпинатом и авокадо – совершенно необычный вкус, не похожий на огуречный сок. Можно сказать, почти молекулярная кухня))

  9. "Вкусно" показываете)))
    Очень хотелось бы попробовать цукаты) Как я понимаю, впервые они были приготовлены в Киеве в 1787 году, после чего попали к столу императрицы Екатерины ІІ. Приобрели известность в 90-х годах 18 столетия.
    По поводу здорового питания, хотелось бы отметить ресторан Салатейра: можно взять диетический салат или пасту из цельнозернового зерна.

  10. Антон в тебе Супер проект, готовий долучилися до створення в Україні "продуктового раю". Тільки так станемо туристичною меккою Європи і світу

  11. Зачем эти бессмысленные надписи перекрывающие пол экрана? Если хочешь помочь иностранному собрату, субтитры маленькие снизу экрана на протяжении всего видео, а не вызывающие эпилепсию мелькающие на пол экрана буквы. Антураж заведений только лучше передавать нужно, а то слишком много фокуса на непонятной еде. В целом смотрибельно. Давай ещё.

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  14. Цікаве та пізнавальне відео 😉👍
    1. Healthy food – фалафель в ресторані “Momo”.
    2. Перша згадка про київське сухе варення відноситься до XIV століття, а саме 1386 року.

  15. Спасибо большое за Ваши обзоры!Этот выпуск вообще огонь,очень полезное,так как,сейчас правильное питание очень актуально!

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